Trabalhamos com outros fornecedores de soluções tecnológicas para atender a todas as necessidades dos nossos clientes e de outros utilizadores finais. Estas alianças garantem a compatibilidade de produtos, funcionalidades avançadas e soluções mais completas.


Founded in 1994, Advancis is an international market leader in the field of vendor-neutral Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). Independence and vendor-neutrality are key advantages of its WinGuard PSIM system, as it integrates the total security, building, communications, and IT infrastructure.

Agent 511

AGENT511's TEXTBLUE interactive text and multimedia messaging platform integrates real-time chat with Hexagon's CAD. The combined platform enables call-taker and PSAP transfers, integrated re-bid and mapping, and customized messaging. The system aggregates short code, international long code, and true 911 messages across mobile carriers into the PSAP.


Aquasis provides services, products, and solutions that help to promote operational efficiency and reduce costs for the water, sewage, and wastewater industries.

Avineon India

Avineon India Pvt. Ltd. specializes in GIS, engineering, and IT services, catering to the needs of customers globally in utilities, telecom, oil and gas, and government. Avineon India's services include enterprise GIS implementation, application development, systems integration, photogrammetry and image processing, GIS data conversion, migration, and maintenance.


AVS plans and creates professional audiovisual systems based on extensive industry expertise. Its specialty areas include large-screen displays and sophisticated sound and image equipment for professional presentation and conference rooms. AVS also assembles complex management systems for control rooms.


Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is a Cisco Video Surveillance Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) Partner and will include Cisco video surveillance systems as part of its integrated security suite to offer advanced, comprehensive video assessment capabilities for the timely and effective response to threats and incidents.


CommSys builds and maintains relationships with those operating CJIS environments to stay up to date on agency requirements, legislation, expectations, technology, and the overall knowledge needed to manage integration development.


Data911 develops, designs, manufactures, and supports mobile-centric hardware and software solutions for public safety and commercial fleets. Its suite of integrated products includes in-car computers, in-car digital video, full-fleet license plate recognition, and a cloud-hosted vehicle tracking service.

DBA Lab S.p.A.

DBA Lab develops process automation software platforms for project, asset, and life cycle management, providing ICT consulting services in the public works and infrastructure sectors and consulting and professional services in the telecommunications sector.


Deccan International provides decision-support software solutions to more than 300 fire & EMS departments across the United States and Canada.

Emergency Reporting

Emergency Reporting provides your entire station online – fast, easy NFIRS reporting and affordable station management tools.


ETAP provides electrical power system modeling, design, analysis, optimization, and predictive real-time solutions. Its software ensures power systems are designed for optimal reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. When deployed in real-time mode, they enable organizations to manage energy as a strategic asset, maximize system utilization, and lower costs.

Evergreen ID Systems

Evergreen ID Systems’ VALCam USB Deluxe Camera System is the most advanced image acquisition solution for law enforcement. It meets and exceeds NIST best-practices guidelines for photograph specifications. With a simple double-click, you can center an image in under a second and display the results immediately on your computer screen.

Forensic Logic

Forensic Logic’s LEAP network is a search engine and information network that ties together America’s law enforcement and homeland security.


Frequentis is an international supplier of voice communications and information systems for control centers in the areas of air traffic management and public safety and transportation. Its products and solutions support more than 25,000 operator positions in more than 120 countries.

Gamma 2 Robotics

Denver-based Gamma 2 Robotics has engineered a transformational technology in commercial guarding – the only commercially available intelligent and autonomous robots that can detect and immediately report on intruders, fire, smoke, toxic gases, suspicious new objects and more. It is the only such product commercially available.


For more than a decade, GESP provides geospatial computer applications, developing custom projects for every need and every client.


Genesys is a leading geospatial services company catering to the needs of major mobile, navigation, and consumer mapping players, as well as several state and local governments in India and other parts of the world. It has also launched one of the most advanced geospatial database programs in India.


Genua is a German company specializing in IT security. Its business activities range from securing sensitive interfaces in public authorities and industry to networking highly critical infrastructure, reliably encrypting data communication over the Internet, and providing remote access for mobile users and home offices.

GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc.

GeoSpatial Innovations, Inc. delivers field software and advanced GPS technologies to electric and natural gas utilities throughout North America. Its software improves productivity and safety for field workers engaged in gas and electric line design, asset inventory and inspection, storm damage assessment, and vegetation management.

HP Inc.

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through its portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, HP engineers experiences that amaze.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) offers worldwide IT, technology & enterprise products and solutions. They help customers use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets and lives.

Hexagon US Federal

As a premier provider of integrated geospatial and technical solutions to the US government, Hexagon US Federal empowers government agencies to make smarter and faster operational decisions. Hexagon US Federal helps its government customers create intelligent maps, analyze geospatial intelligence, manage assets and infrastructure, and provide dispatch emergency services. It transforms complex data from disparate sources into real time actionable information. Hexagon US Federal is an independent subsidiary of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.


Intermedix provides technology-enabled solutions for global health and safety. Its solutions support and connect healthcare providers, public health agencies, and emergency management personnel.


Locution Systems' CADVoice fire station alerting includes automated dispatching, zoned dispatching, and alerting technologies that improve response times. Alerts include tones, lighting, LED reader boards, light stacks, apparatus bay sound systems and doors, and more. Interfacing with Hexagon's CAD, it offers voice clarity, consistency, and speed.


Microsoft is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


MICUS is a leading company in developing broadband strategies and the planning of NGA broadband networks. It has many years of experience working on numerous broadband projects at all levels and collaborating with various telecommunications providers.


MIR3 is the leading developer of intelligent notification and response software that enhances communications, protects assets, and increases operational efficiency. Its technology enables advanced rapid, two-way communication for crisis and event management, IT management, customer relations, and others.

NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Wireless’ software manages and secures wireless data deployments for organizations with mobile field workers. Its mobile VPN improves worker productivity by maintaining and securing data connections as they move in and out of coverage areas. Its cellular network performance management product provides visibility to optimize mobile data deployments.

Online Business Systems

Online Business Systems provides public safety solutions for interoperability, integration, information-sharing, mobility, collaboration, and search and analysis. It develops NIEM- and CJIS-compliant solutions based on modern principles of a service-oriented architecture – unlocking and connecting agency data to improve the safety of first responders and citizens.


OnSSI is an industry leader in video IP surveillance. Its award-winning Ocularis VMS addresses complex, multi-server installations, as well as single installations. The flexibility and functionality of Ocularis suits a range of applications in government, healthcare, public safety, transportation, and utilities.


Oracle's business is information – how to manage it, use it, share it, and protect it. For more than three decades, Oracle, the world's largest enterprise software company, has provided software and services that let organizations get the most up-to-date and accurate information from their business systems.

Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch provides integrated dispatching solutions for police, fire, and EMT call-taking. Its Priority Dispatch System serves as the core for its ProQA Paramount call-taking software and AQUA Evolution quality improvement software. Priority Dispatch also provides training, consulting, and NAED accreditation support.

Radio IP Software

Radio IP's Mult-IP mobile VPN solution is ideal for emergency response, utilities, or other mobile workforces that cover an extended geographical footprint. Mult-IP enables you to manage multiple networks within one mobile VPN, assuring uninterrupted connectivity for mobile workforces – regardless of their location.

SAINT Police System

SAINT Police Systems’ cutting-edge solution – SAINT Voice – greatly reduces distraction in the police vehicle. It works with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s mobile technology to combine command recognition, intelligent message processing, and speech technology. With it, officers can interact with the mobile computer without diverting their eyes from the road.

Safe Software

Safe Software provides software focused on managing the exchange of spatial and non-spatial data between systems with differing file formats and structures.

Tata Consulting Services

Tata Consulting Services is an IT services and business solutions organization, offering an integrated portfolio of IT-enabled services. An enterprise solution reseller of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure solutions, TCS represents Hexagon within India to offer and implement geospatial-powered solutions for government, transportation, utilities, and communications customers.

TomTom Geospatial Solutions

TomTom delivers a range of map, routing, and traffic solutions to assist government and public safety professionals across the globe. Its accurate global road network database integrates turn-by-turn directions and road data, including signage and intersections, to optimize emergency response services.


TrafficLand provides live traffic video from more than 10,000 cameras spanning 200+ cities. Contractual agreements with more than 50 Departments of Transportation make it the largest authorized aggregator and distributor of live traffic video in the United States. The company supports mobile, web, navigation, broadcast, traffic, and emergency response applications.


Trafficware leads the traffic industry with management infrastructure for the next generation of smart cities. Its software provides safer and quicker response, combining CAD, GPS, and automated vehicle location with advanced traffic management systems to provide priority service during signal coordination for emergency vehicles.

WestNet, Inc.

Westnet provides fire station alerting solutions, including automated voice dispatching, heart-friendly ramping tones and lights, video messengers, reader boards, and red safety lighting to ensure firehouse safety. Its First-In technology provides critical information to responders and includes tools that help agencies meet NFPA 1221, 1710, and 1720 requirements.