Intergraph SafeHaul Provides Oversize/Overweight Solution for Transportation Agencies

Plan large asset routes safely with automatic start-to-finish permit processing.



Intergraph SafeHaul is a web-based, automated oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicle solution suite for trucking companies and drivers to plan safe routes using dynamic highway data. It utilizes the most recent infrastructure data to calculate an efficient route while reducing the risk of congestion and accidental damage to infrastructure.

By streamlining the permit process, Intergraph SafeHaul delivers improved customer service and lessens administrative costs. Truck drivers and companies can automatically request and pay for permits at any time, and receive them within minutes.


Increase Safety

Generate routes around limiting infrastructure, temporary restrictions, and other challenges to reduce safety risks to truck drivers and the public.

Reduce Time

Save time with automatic permitting issuance at any time of day without the need for repetitive, manual data entry.

Optimize Routing

Get the most efficient, up-to-date route to eliminate the possibility of backtracking, accidents, and late arrivals.

Products & Capabilities

Permit Manager

Automate permit requests, route generation, and permit issuance in an easy-to-use, web-based application.

Route Planner

Leverage an automated restrictive routing tool for defining, testing, and visualizing desired routes for OS/OW vehicles.

Restriction Manager

Populate and manage existing restrictions in real time to ensure a safe, accurate route with point, linear, or area-type restrictions.

Bridge Evaluator

Receive bridge analysis using moment and shear calculations to determine which bridges OS/OW vehicles can safely travel.

Mobile Applications

Access OS/OW data by viewing routes on a mobile device with vehicle tracking.

Roadway Reports

Integrate with other systems to share vital roadway analysis, including data on pavement management, bridge management, and other safety management systems.

Oklahoma DOT & DPS
Oklahoma leverages oversize/overweight solution to automate permitting and routing, ensuring safer roads and saving state funds.
District Department of Transportation
District Department of Transportation uses an automated oversize/overweight routing and restriction management solution to ensure road safety, increase efficiency, and expedite permitting.
Saskatchewan Government Insurance
Saskatchewan Government Insurance uses automated oversize/overweight routing system to improve permitting, ensure road safety, and support economic activity among provincial industries.