GeoMedia Transportation Manager

Process the linear data transportation networks rely on.

Screenshot of Geomedia Transportation Manager

GeoMedia Transportation Manager is a data management, integration, and analysis tool for processing the linear data used by transportation networks. It delivers an enterprise Linear Referencing System (LRS) that enables agencies to construct and maintain accurate, actionable representations of their transportation network inventories. It provides the foundation for effective management and operation, from recording, analyzing and reporting on the position and properties of assets, features, and incidents distributed along the highway network to field capture and integration with other critical business systems.

Using our advanced enterprise LRS, agencies can establish a powerful enterprise data framework to reference and unite the numerous, diverse data sources they rely on every day – whether from Hexagon systems, third-party software, external sources, or a combination of all three, including data captured using different reference methods and road-naming conventions.


Unite Disparate Data

Efficiently unite, manage, and analyze multiple data sets that span different location methods.

Ensure Data Stability

Prevent changes in road alignments invalidating historic data and analysis results.

Enhance Insight

Analyze richer information by combining multiple data sources and themes.

Ascendi Group
Ascendi Group leverages GIS-enabled web portal to manage entire roadway infrastructure and asset data, streamlining design and construction.
NJ Transit uses web-enabled GIS to quickly deliver imagery for planning, enhance data integration and analysis, and provide measurable value to its customers.
407 ETR
407 ETR implemented a mobile-enabled geographic information system to accelerate and simplify its field inspection process for better records and asset management.