Overhead aerial shot with ImageStation

ImageStation powers high-volume photogrammetry and production mapping. The ImageStation software suite drives efficient digital photogrammetry production workflows with requirements for accuracy with high throughput, including project creation, orientation, and triangulation from aerial and satellite imagery. It provides stereo GIS feature collection and editing, digital terrain model (DTM) collection and editing, as well as orthophoto production and editing. ImageStation is specially designed to move large quantities of raw spatial information to an actionable or exploitable format for government, commercial photogrammetry, and mapping agencies worldwide.


Seamless Integration

Infuse 3D data collection and multi-user editing capabilities, enriching the overall quality of information available to the enterprise.

Simple Setup

Streamlined project creation and highly automated processing gets projects up and running quickly, even for large and complex undertakings

Match Requirements

Modular component applications enable custom solutions to fulfill specific requirements.

Create, integrate, and analyze geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information.
Automate geospatial data discovery and cataloguing, optimize image storage, and accelerate delivery.
ERDAS IMAGINE Photogrammetry
Efficiently process aerial imagery and LiDAR data to extract features.