Intergraph Outage Notifications

Speed delivery of detailed outage alerts.

Electric workers work to restore power

Digital technologies can improve communications during large-scale outage events. Our Outage Notifications solution enables operators to harness Intergraph InService’s outage analysis and prediction capabilities to deliver greatly improved information on outages much faster and more efficiently. It integrates with operators’ existing customer relations platforms, enabling them to trigger communications and direct messages to affected parties, including initial outage, updates on progress, and confirmation of restoration. It can drive integrated voice response systems, publishing to online services, and distribution of e-mail, text, and social media alerts – all via the customer preference management system – to ensure customers only receive messages that matter to them via the channels they specify.


Utilities & Communications
Improve Customer Relations

Provide customers with near-real-time information of their choosing.

Utilities & Communications
Reduce Cost

Automate a process that historically has been done manually, saving time and costs.

Utilities & Communications
Enhance Communications

Take advantage of social media and text message services to replace traditional phone calls and recordings.

Intergraph InService
Restore power quickly and efficiently.
London Hydro
London Hydro uses outage management system and interactive voice response to streamline customer communication during outages and improve customer satisfaction.