M.App Zone

Deploy securely hosted, task-oriented geospatial M.Apps across your enterprise on desktops, browsers or smart devices.

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M.App Zone is a turnkey platform for lightweight, dynamic applications that enhance the data management, visualization, and analysis of location-based information. M.App Zone allows your organization to securely access, distribute, and share geospatial applications (M.Apps) across the enterprise without having to host the environment, manage the data, or allocate resources to development cycles.

By combining multi-source content, business workflows, and geoprocessing in the cloud, our task-oriented M.Apps allow you to focus on your specific business challenges. M.Apps present geospatial related-information in a visually compelling format and allow the same sets of data to be used across multiple applications. M.Apps can be deployed on commonly used web browsers or as mobile apps.

Together, M.App Zone and M.Apps provide a complete solution for your organization’s task-specific, geospatial needs.


Widely Accessible Information

Support diverse user groups with real-time answers and geospatial data insight from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Reduce Costs

Get a high-end geodata processing environment while reducing the operating, infrastructure, and training costs associated with traditional GIS or remote sensing solutions.

Ensure Privacy

Access your M.Apps on a secure, reliable European infrastructure without having to manage data sources, network security issues, or multiple user roles.

M.Apps Marketplace


UAS.GeoCompute enables robust photogrammetric processing of unmanned aerial system (UAS) captured imagery. It dramatically reduces the time it takes to turn raw images into usable geospatial data products.


3D.GeoChange uses 3D modelling to find changes in municipal construction by comparing cadaster information and aerial photographs. You can swipe over different images and compare them to the available cadastral information to see what construction changes have occurred in your city. You can also set and distribute markers to identify and assign follow-up controlling activities.


Traffic.GeoDistance computes and presents the distance (by driving, cycling, or walking) you can cover within a given time based on a defined transportation network. You can include the time of day to figure-out the distances and travel routes between peak traffic hours or off-hours. This M.App helps answer reachability questions.

Custom M.Apps

With Custom M.Apps, you tell us your geospatial data management, visualization, and analysis needs. Or, we collaboratively analyze your needs and present the value M.App Zone can bring to your organization. We’ll create, deploy, and host custom apps for you.

Regione del Veneto
Veneto Region uses spatial data infrastructure solution to consolidate data sources, improve interoperability, and support users with an easy-to-use web portal.
Province of Treviso, Italy
Italy’s Province of Treviso deploys agile web-based GIS solution to improve end-user workflows, manage roadway assets, and share information with other agencies.
Fraport AG
Fraport AG uses geographical information system to streamline airport infrastructure data management and optimize business operations.