Geospatial SDI

Ensure adherence to OGC, INSPIRE, and ISO standards for web services and metadata.

Screenshot of Geospatial Portal

Geospatial SDI is an interoperable and scalable component of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) for cataloging and delivering enterprise geospatial data over the web. It is designed for data providers that need to manage and serve secure or licensed information using standards-based web services. It offers powerful tools for controlled access to standards-compliant services and data published by those services, as well as tools for monitoring and reporting service performance. It adheres to OGC, INSPIRE, and International Standards Organization (ISO) standards for web services and metadata compliance. Geospatial SDI can easily extend solutions based on GeoMedia WebMap, ERDAS APOLLO, or any other vendor’s OGC-compliant product to assure the full set of services required for implementation of a custom, secure SDI.


Meet Mandated Standards

Ensure compliance with SDI standards, like the European INSPIRE directive, to support flexible delivery and monitoring of spatial data.

Secure OGC Services

Add security and other custom processes to OGC web services for serving sensitive or licensed data.

Monitor, Control & Report

Keep tabs on published services with superior management and monitoring tools, plus generate reports with detailed information.

Regione del Veneto
Veneto Region uses spatial data infrastructure solution to consolidate data sources, improve interoperability, and support users with an easy-to-use web portal.
GeoMedia WebMap
Publish high-performance, highly capable web mapping sites and web services with a click of a button.
Automate geospatial data discovery and cataloguing, optimize image storage, and accelerate delivery.