Geospatial Portal

Deliver functionally rich, interactive 2D and 3D experiences via browsers.

Screenshot of Geospatial Portal

Geospatial Portal is a browser-based, multilingual web application that enables users to find, view, query, analyze, and consume geospatial data and web services published by their servers and those of third parties. It offers advanced client-side discovery, connection, and interaction through a simple client geo-browser that provides an intuitive and attractive user experience. In addition, Geospatial Portal integrates multiple sources into a single 2D or 3D map view that can be easily navigated.

Geospatial Portal is powering the next generation of web applications. It provides a far wider community with simple and interactive access to geospatial information and capabilities using open web services.


Simplify Deployment

Simplifies the process of sharing enterprise geospatial data and web services.

Aggregate Services

Provides a unified and customizable front-end for multiple server products from Hexagon and third-party providers.

Enhance Management & Delivery

Manages configuration, map-definition, monitoring, and reporting of service performance.

10 Years of Innovation
This year marks Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure and Hexagon Geospatial’s 10-year anniversary developing and expanding the office’s ČÚZK Geoportal.
Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infraestruturas do Alqueva
EDIA forms cartographic center and leverages geospatial data management software to optimize water resource management and economic development.
GeoMedia WebMap
Publish high-performance, highly capable web mapping sites and web services with a click of a button.