GeoMedia WebMap

Publish high-performance, highly capable web mapping sites and web services with a click of a button.

Screenshot of Geomedia Webmap

GeoMedia WebMap is a tool for publishing high-performance, highly capable web mapping sites and web services with a click of a button. It supports a broad range of customers who need to visualize and examine geographic data on the web. It enables users to build powerful solutions for sharing their rich geospatial data quickly and easily – from standing up standards-compliant web map services to providing sophisticated visualization and analysis within interactive web mapping applications.

GeoMedia WebMap enables direct development of interactive web maps using the configuration and application creation tools provided in GeoMedia itself, eliminating the need for programming. Configure the layout of front-end interfaces, create user-defined queries and other components, and provide direct, real-time access to geospatial data. Users can view, query, and analyze multiple geospatial formats simultaneously, with no pre-publishing or translation required.


Deliver Advanced Functionality

Deploy interactive websites with powerful geospatial capabilities usually only found in desktop programs.

Perform Spatial Analysis

Deliver powerful analytic workflows that leverage advanced geoprocessing, such as spatial overlays and dynamic segmentation.

Enhance GeoMedia Smart Client

Deliver enhanced capabilities inside GeoMedia Smart Client, including access to more data sources and on-the-fly coordinate transformations.

Ascendi Group
Ascendi Group leverages GIS-enabled web portal to manage entire roadway infrastructure and asset data, streamlining design and construction.
Alberta Transportation
Alberta Transportation uses infrastructure management system to streamline network data, improve capital planning, and ensure roadway safety.
City of Winnipeg
The City of Winnipeg uses a location-based information management system to streamline and geo-reference its infrastructure data, improving access and shareability.