GeoMedia Smart Client

Easily deploy highly focused, map-based workflows to the office or the field via the web.

Screenshot of Geomedia Smart Client

GeoMedia Smart Client is an agile web tool for deploying highly focused, map-based workflows for the office or the field. It enables organizations to make far wider use of geospatial information and, crucially, advanced geospatial capabilities.

It is able to do this by deploying simple-to-use, workflow-driven web apps that guide users through every stage of a task, removing the need for any understanding of GIS.

The workflows and web interface are easy to configure and use, adapting the user interface to each process step, while in-built data validation checks accuracy and completeness – including multi-user workflows. It even supports entirely novice users, having been deployed to farmers updating field boundaries and truck drivers capturing forest road networks.

The web-delivered Smart Client architecture makes deployment simple. It is self installing with no browser dependency.


Boost Productivity

Delivering highly productive, task-oriented tools enables users to quickly capture accurate and reliable data.

Cut Costs

Simple configuration and web architecture enables organizations to deploy highly tailored tools without the development or licensing costs of conventional GIS.

Simplify Management

Self-installing Smart Client web technology removes the overheads and issues associated with deploying and maintaining desktop or browser-based products.

407 ETR
407 ETR implemented a mobile-enabled geographic information system to accelerate and simplify its field inspection process for better records and asset management.

TasNetworks implements GIS-based solution to streamline project workflows, workforce management, project forecasting, and reporting.

City of Virginia Beach
City of Virginia Beach uses GIS-based property records management solution to maintain city-owned properties while securing its municipal spatial data.