Create, integrate, and analyze geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information.

Screenshots of Geomedia 3d

​GeoMedia is a comprehensive and dynamic GIS that extracts compelling intelligence from geospatial data and integrates it to present actionable information. The core product provides everything needed to capture, validate, and analyze spatial data.

GeoMedia delivers highly productive tools to expedite the capture of accurate, consistent, and topologically clean data, as well as efficient routines to validate and correct errors in externally sourced data.

Its revolutionary data-server architecture lets users connect directly to diverse sources simultaneously, aggregating and analyzing content in unison. The live data connections and queries make it ideal for extracting information from an array of dynamically changing sources, enabling organizations to extract richer, actionable information for timelier and better informed decisions.


Support Enterprise Operation

No need to import, convert, or use proprietary technology to connect to spatially enabled databases.

Apply More Powerful Analysis

Leverage powerful analysis, like chained dynamic queries whose results update in-line with changes in the data sources or query parameters.

Create Better Data Faster

Harness powerful tools to expedite the capture of high-quality data and automatically check records for quality and completeness. 

GeoMedia Desktop Add-ons

GeoMedia 3D

An extension to GeoMedia, GeoMedia 3D addresses the growing demand for realistic 3D views of geospatial data and enables GeoMedia users to work in a 3D environment. 3D visualization fully integrated into GeoMedia raises the bar for organizations that want to exploit the precision and power of their geospatial data, leading to quicker, more confident decision-making, visual communication, and analysis.

GeoMedia 3D extends functionality through an integrated 3D visualization and analysis environment to visualize, navigate, analyze, and interact with 3D data, including point clouds, natively in GeoMedia. In addition, users can dynamically integrate surfaces, imagery, feature data, and vector data to provide a 3D view of all data sources in GeoMedia.

GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional

GeoMedia Motion Video Analysis Professional provides a high-productivity environment for analysis of full motion video taken from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for near real-time decision-making. GeoMedia Motion Video Analysis Professional provides a seamless multi-source environment for the analysis of all types of geospatial data: raster maps, vector data, motion video, satellite imagery, and signal intelligence. It is well-suited for conducting advanced analysis on all sources of geospatial data by integrating motion video with geospatial data to generate a complete operational picture.

GeoMedia Mapping Manager

Map production to precise specifications is a complex process that requires the coordination of multiple activities. Critical challenges include minimizing the number of steps, reducing manual tasks, and lowering the risk of errors, while ensuring accuracy and compliance with specific requirements.

GeoMedia Mapping Manager enables streamlined production of high-quality cartographic output by reducing steps and automating tasks. It can harness advanced map generalization techniques to automate the creation of smaller scale maps from larger-scale sources. Feature-level, product-neutral data management enables users to streamline map revisions by maintaining cartographic edits independently of source data.

Our application includes a complete set of rules based on stringent industry specifications for the production of Topographic Line Maps (TLM), Joint Operations Graphic - Aeronautical (JOG-A), and Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program (MGCP) Derived Graphics (MDG) maps.

Image Scout

Today’s image analysts are required to analyze an ever-increasing volume of imagery from many varied and complex sources. Image Scout enables quick and accurate broad-area search operations of vast landscapes of digital imagery. Its ability to fuse geospatial vector, imagery, and elevation data in one seamless environment enriches the analysis process by allowing visualizing, querying, and analyzing information from various sources in one application. Image Scout streamlines this multi-source fusion, allowing users to work more quickly and confidently and with increased effectiveness. Data servers and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) interfaces enable users to tap into a rich and varied set of available geospatial intelligence sources and identify and exploit geospatially related images using electronic light table functionality to enhance, chip, mensurate, and annotate image elements. Image Scout combines functionality from multiple products to provide the most advanced imagery analysis application.

GeoMedia Mobile

Take GIS out into the field with GeoMedia Mobile. It enables users to run GeoMedia Desktop in the field where it can be used in conjunction with a global positioning system (GPS) device for data collection in support of field operations, such as damage assessment or field inspection. Extract and load data from an enterprise GIS to GeoMedia running on a tablet, laptop, or field device. Users can work offline, make revisions, then upload the results upon return.

City of Winnipeg
The City of Winnipeg uses a location-based information management system to streamline and geo-reference its infrastructure data, improving access and shareability.
Alberta Transportation
Alberta Transportation uses infrastructure management system to streamline network data, improve capital planning, and ensure roadway safety.
Fraport AG
Fraport AG uses geographical information system to streamline airport infrastructure data management and optimize business operations.