I/CAD Application Integration

Product Screenshot of Application Integration

I/CAD easily integrates third-party applications for system and multi-agency interoperability. With tools for pre-built and custom interfaces, users can rapidly connect data and workflows. With our application integration software, organizations can achieve more efficient operations and deploy new capabilities.


Public Safety & Security
Improve Efficiency

Easily connect workflows and share data.

Public Safety & Security
Enhance Performance

Integrate new applications and capabilities.

Public Safety & Security
Reduce Costs

Reduce the time, cost, and risk for custom interfaces.

Products & Capabilities

I/Map Editor

Leveraging GeoMedia, use third-party GIS data as the source of map graphics in I/CAD.


Leverage service-oriented components for easier interfacing to I/CAD.


Communicate event and resource information with other CAD systems for multi-agency and jurisdiction coordination.

Pre-Built Interfaces

Deploy out-of-the-box interfaces to alarms, alerting, mobile, radio, RMS, video, and other systems for seamless integration.

Custom Interfaces

With CAD Connect for EdgeFrontier, rapidly develop interfaces to applications, devices, and systems for reduced total cost of ownership.

Enable rapid, affordable, tailored interface development.
Frederick County
Frederick County Maryland uses integration platform to seamlessly connect different CAD systems and develop tailored interfaces to meet multi-agency needs.
Calgary 911
Calgary 911 uses computer-aided dispatch system to consolidate operations, streamline dispatch workflows, and better serve multiple response agencies.