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Case Study
London Hydro Uses Outage Management System, Improves Customer Service
Needing to keep dispatchers focused on power restoration efforts during utility outages, London Hydro implemented outage management and interactive voice response solutions to reduce dispatch call volumes, streamline customer communications, and improve customer satisfaction.

Outages are increasing because of more frequent and intense weather events, high energy demand, and aging infrastructure. At the same time, customer expectations are rising. These raised expectations, when combined with the uncertainty of changing markets and competition, mean that operators need to go beyond reducing outages and restoring service faster. They need to enhance the customer experience by providing better information and allowing customers to choose what information they receive and how they receive it.

We provide a range of solutions that help operators improve customer service, from automated outage notification, to improving estimated time of power restorations, to online information services and smartphone apps.


Raise Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction through more immediate, reliable, and tailored outage communications.

Give Customers Choices

Allow consumers to customize the type of information they receive and the communication channels they use to receive it.

Optimize Information

Harness existing data in outage management and customer systems to generate and communicate more reliable outage information.

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Outage Communications

Our outage notification solution provides customers with more timely and relevant outage information.

Events in the outage management system trigger Intergraph Outage Notifications to generate a customer list, which the utility’s customer communications system uses to automate delivery in accordance with the options the customers has specified. This enables customers to receive the outage information they want in near real time via the channels they choose.

Our solution also reduces workloads by automating processes that have either relied on manual effort or have not performed at all.

Advanced Restoration Time

Advanced restoration harnesses data that already exists in operators’ outage management and customer communications management systems to provide customers personalized communications with richer information on restoration efforts, including more reliable estimated restoration times.

Instead of simply giving customers outage restoration times based on historical records, advanced restoration time continually evaluates real-time conditions to update estimates during an outage event. By coordinating the model output with their customer relations management platform, a utility can automate delivery of the appropriate level of communication for each customer using their preferred channels.

The capability complements and extends our outage communication solution.

Online Information Services

In the face of growing competition, online information services play an increasingly important role in helping utility providers attract and retain customers. They are key to providing better user experience during service interruptions, helping to establish trust and developing better customer relations.

Our solutions offer integration with operational systems, which means operators can publish broader and more valuable information on outages. This includes current operational views of unplanned outages to advanced information on planned outages, such as dates, areas affected, and the reason for the work. Location-enabled smartphone apps can be deployed to provide more immediate and practical ways for members of the public to report issues with service. Publishing service-quality data, such as statistics and regulatory scores and reports, helps develop trust, which can be further enhanced by providing information on activities the company is undertaking in customers’ localities, such as how money is being invested to improve services in the area, environmental projects undertaken, community activities, and more.

Customer Call Centers

Providing customer call center operators with access to map data from network engineering and operations can enhance customer experience and boost efficiency.

Arming call-takers with this additional insight has dual benefits. It enables them to provide better information to the caller, and it enables them to see where callers’ connection points sit on the network in relation to existing tickets. Call-takers can avoid raising duplicate tickets for the same event. This reduces overheads on both call-takers and field crews and makes follow-up communications with the caller easier and more reliable.

Sales & Marketing

Sales process and market insight may not have been priorities for electric distribution network operators in the past, but as markets open up, particularly with distributed generation, a more responsive and informed approach is needed to assess new connections. Our solutions provide operators with capabilities to analyze demand potential for new build and quickly and reliably assess requests for new connections. Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate customer capture through interactive online services that undertake initial feasibility assessments.

We have saved time and given our staff the ability to focus on restoring power during outages rather than fielding customer calls.
Syed Mir
Vice President Corporate Services & CIO, London Hydro
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