Planning, Sales & Marketing

Direct investment, reduce risk, and enhance service.

Case Study
Virgin Media Implements GIS to Expand Fiber-based Services

Needing to consolidate its disparate legacy systems and disconnected data sources, Virgin Media implemented a unified GIS-based inventory system to streamline its operations and planning, digitize its network data holdings, expand its fiber-based services, and grow its market share.

Highly mobile customers combined with rapidly changing technology and markets mean operators have to capitalize on infrastructure to drive competitive advantage. So, in addition to controlling cost and optimizing utilization of existing capacity, it is imperative that investments are carefully targeted and new build generates revenue as early as possible.

Our systems help transform planning, sales, and marketing by providing locational context to analysis, combining customer patterns and demand with existing network availability. We enable planners to target build to areas with greatest revenue potential, reduce risk when assessing new connections, and track construction projects to be able to offer connections for sale sooner.


Target Investment

Analyze demand against existing infrastructure to identify areas with greatest revenue potential.

Reduce Risk

Quickly provide more reliable assessment of costs for proposed connections to filter out unviable requests. 

Satisfy Customers

Provide faster and more reliable responses to service requests.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Strategic Planning

The key imperative when planning network expansion is to identify locations that offer high revenue potential and are also viable to build. We can combine mapping of existing networks with commercial, socio-economic, demographic, and market intelligence data in spatial analysis, enabling strategic planners to identify and prioritize the best locations.

As well as working directly with operators, we have also partnered in a cloud-hosted fiber planning service that lets organizations across Germany develop high-level plans and costs using current data on backbone capacity and existing customer provision.

The same techniques also support marketing by identify addresses within the proposed areas to automate communications qualifying actual levels of interest, providing invaluable input into the final decision to proceed.

High-Level Planning

Our solutions can reduce financial risk by assessing high-level costs of proposed works. Fiber Optic Works provides the ability to design and assess alternative proposals for build out, covering the siting of distribution points, the definition of service areas and different deployment methods, including combinations of directly buried cable, ducts, microducts, and aerial. Generating material lists linked to cost information enables assessment and comparison of alternatives. The system has the ability to manage material lists with costs or pull from an external system like ERP.

Operators also use spatial analysis to reduce financial risk when assessing new connections. Trenching and reinstatement costs vary greatly depending on the surface type. Spatial analysis can provide a more reliable path between customers and their nearest existing access point and an indication of the length of trench in different surface types, enabling operators to assess likely cost before committing to provide service.

Sales & Marketing

We provide the network data and tools to inform and direct sales and marketing efforts. Analysis of current network data (maintained by Fiber Optic Works) against geodemographic mapping can identify underutilized portions of the network to target sales and marketing activities.

It can also be used by sales and customer service representatives to qualify service requests. For example, undertaking outline cost assessments to determine whether a connection is financially viable, or analyzing the physical paths of services to determine whether physical diversity can be provided for customers demanding high resilience.

It simplifies and expedites the many administrative processes around market research and supply analysis, as well as initial evaluation and preliminary design.
Dr. Martin Fornefeld
Managing Director, MICUS Strategieberatung GmbH
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