Police & Law Enforcement

Resolve incidents, reduce crime, and improve public safety.

Case Study
Bavarian Police Unify Command Center Operations
Needing to unify statewide command and control operations, the Bavarian State Police implemented a computer-aided dispatch solution, supporting officers with location-based incident data for better decision-making and situational awareness.


Optimize Resources

Improve police operations by deploying resources where they are needed most.

Enhance Information

Improve the quality, timeliness, and availability of critical information for better insight and awareness.

Integrate Workflows

Increase efficiency and improve incident and case management with integrated systems and information.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Incident Management

Our incident management solutions coordinate critical information and resources and track developing situations in real time. Through immediate and complete information about events and units, our solutions help police and law enforcement agencies respond to and resolve incidents with speed and efficiency.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, call-takers, dispatchers, and supervisors benefit from streamlined tools to field calls, create and update events, and manage resources, including multiple agencies and jurisdictions. Field personnel increase productivity through mobile applications and data.

Our police CAD supports agency-specific workflows and enables key capabilities, including unit and personnel recommendations and records and criminal database queries. Whether in the communications center, the station, or the community, police and law enforcement personnel can access actionable information whenever and wherever needed.

Records Management

Records management systems are fundamental to law enforcement. They serve agency wide needs, aiding operational management, case management, investigations management, resource management, reporting, and more. Our police and law enforcement records management systems provide enterprise wide access to timely and accurate information about people, places, and incidents. Available through workstations, mobile devices, and the cloud, our solutions dramatically improve police and law enforcement efficiency and effectiveness.

Intelligence-led Policing & Analytics

Proactive law enforcement agencies apply data analytics to problem-solving for intelligence-led policing. Our police analytics software leverages computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, and other data sources for evidence-based decisions that improve operational efficiency, optimize resources, and reduce crime.

Our business intelligence software helps agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of police and law enforcement data and report the results for better resource planning and deployment. Our crime and incident analysis and mapping software enables agencies to visualize and analyze information for crime prevention, post-incident analysis, and more.

With tools for real-time and historic reporting and analysis, we help police increase intelligence, target problem areas, and improve public safety.

EOCs & Major Events

Natural disasters and large-scale public events create challenges far beyond the scope of day-to-day incidents. Our solutions provide emergency operations centers (EOCs) and multiple organizations with reliable information, clear and unambiguous communications, and tools to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, agencies can create special zones, implement predefined standard operating procedures, and operate additional control rooms, including remote or mobile command centers. With our major events and geospatial software, emergency operations centers, command staff, and multiple, diverse organizations can collaborate, sharing and accessing critical information during planning, response, and recovery.

The [Hexagon] system will allow us to be more efficient and ultimately will enhance the safety of the community and of our officers.
John Daley
Deputy Superintendent, Boston Police Department