Border Police & Security

Resolve incidents, improve investigations, and enhance law enforcement and security along national borders.

Case Study
German Federal Police Use Planning and Response Solution
Needing to better manage and support special operations and major events, German Federal Police implemented a specialized planning and response tool to centralize resource coordination, communication, and incident management.


Improved Operations

Improve threat detection, incident management, and investigations through more complete, accurate information.

Integrated Workflows

Integrated public safety and security systems and operations ensure efficient detection, assessment, and response across widespread borders and ports of entry.

Obsługa incydentów, zwalczanie przestępczości i zwiększanie bezpieczeństwa publicznego.
Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch
Wiodące oprogramowanie do zarządzania incydentami.
Intergraph Security
Szybka i skuteczna identyfikacja, ocena i reakcja na zagrożenie.
U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service
The U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service uses an enterprise RMS from Hexagon to replace paper-based recordkeeping, saving time and resources.
New Zealand Police
New Zealand Police uses Hexagon’s mobile response application to improve officer productivity, data sharing, and situational awareness.
G7 Summit
The Bavarian State Police and German Federal Police use computer-aided dispatch and response solutions for multi-agency coordination and collaboration.