Process imagery for exploration and geologic analysis and visualization.

Image processing, traditionally applied to satellite imagery, has become an important tool for exploration geophysicists to analyze and interpret seismic horizon datasets and their associated attributes. ER Mapper is an image processing package widely used by the exploration industry and geologists worldwide for analysis and visualization.

ER Mapper provides unique capabilities for enhancing and visualizing surface interpretations and integrating data from a variety of sources to create top-quality map products. ER Mapper can lower exploration costs by aiding detection of subtle structural features and lineations not readily discernible by other means. This can, for example, be used to improve the positioning and accuracy of target wells.

ER Mapper’s revolutionary algorithm processing and geoprocessing tools save time and hardware resources, ensuring the maximum information is derived quickly and efficiently.


Derive Necessary Data

Utilize advanced image processing and compression capabilities geared toward the oil, gas, and mineral exploration industries.

Expedite Data Processing

Quickly perform, modify, and repeat complex image processing tasks with minimal demand on hardware resources.

Reduce Data Overheads

Accelerate your data preparation, storage, and distribution processes, increasing the amount of data you can easily manipulate. 


Importing Data

Import data in common geophysical formats and satellite image formats.  


Process and integrate Geophysical, Geochemical, satellite, digital terrain, radar, airphotos, scanned maps, vector GIS, and other data  for analysis.

Identifying Trends

Rapidly identify gradients and trends by applying sophisticated illumination and shading effects to geophysical data.  

Automatyczne katalogowanie, wyszukiwanie, kompresja oraz wydajne udostępnianie.
Wiodąca na świecie platforma teledetekcyjna.
ERDAS IMAGINE Photogrammetry
Skuteczne przetwarzanie zdjęć lotniczych i danych LiDAR.