I/CAD Map Administration Training

Training Course Price: US$2,000

Madison, United States - Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Headquarters
05 August, 08:00 AM - 08 August, 05:00 PM

I/CAD Map Administrator is a four-day course focused on the inner-workings of Hexagon’s mapping tools, including GeoMedia, I/Map Editor, and other products. In this deep-dive course, learn how to establish geo-workspaces, import data from various sources, perform data analysis, build street centerlines, and publish them to a map within I/CAD and Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety. You’ll also discover how to label features and create polygons required in the I/CAD map. Those who complete the class should have a good working knowledge of how to create a map and perform related functions so the map works within I/CAD and Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety.

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