Frederick County Uses Integration Platform

Needing a more efficient way to connect multiple CAD systems, Frederick County Maryland's Division of Emergency Management deployed an integration platform to query and translate incident call data for other agencies, as well as develop tailored interfaces.


The Challenge

Frederick County, Maryland’s Division of Emergency Management operates an Emergency Communications Center, which serves 12 incorporated municipalities and three federal installations in suburban Washington, D.C.

Each agency the center serves has different incident data needs and different information systems, which makes querying and translating that information into data schemas, workflows, and interfaces very difficult. It is also time consuming and expensive for the center to create custom code every time software versions change.

To better serve public safety agencies and citizens, leaders at the Division of Emergency Management identified the need to implement a CAD data integration and workflow solution that would be intuitive enough for non-technical personnel to use with minimal training.

The Solution

Frederick County selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to help the center achieve efficient data sharing by synchronizing computer-aided dispatch (CAD) information exchanges and workflows across multiple information systems operated by different agencies within the county.

Using Hexagon’s EdgeFrontier, an integration platform that enables rapid, affordable interface development tailored to the needs of an organization, and CAD Connect for EdgeFrontier, a pre-built interface for Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD), Frederick County Emergency Communications Center is able to quickly query, accurately translate, and create special workflows with call data from its CAD system into a data structure that other agencies’ information systems can understand.

Because EdgeFrontier is accessible and usable by non-technical division personnel, the agency can develop workflows and interfaces at their own pace – without having to manage large and costly development projects.

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