Fanshawe College Prepares Tomorrow’s First Responders with Hexagon Solutions

Wanting to train emergency professional students on modern, real-world technologies, Fanshawe College’s School of Public Safety has partnered with Hexagon to give students hands-on experience with the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records management software solutions they’ll eventually use on the job.

The Challenge

As one of Canada’s largest colleges, Fanshawe offers a wide range of programs in its School of Public Safety. The institution provides students with the tools and applied learning experiences needed to pursue a number of demanding public safety careers, from dispatching to policing.

To give students a competitive advantage in the workforce, Fanshawe College needed modern public safety software solutions that were already trusted by agencies around the world.

The Solution

Fanshawe College is partnering with Hexagon to ensure its students receive hands-on experience via cutting-edge technologies. Because Hexagon’s public safety software is being used by agencies across Canada, it reduces the learning curve and gives students a sense of where public safety technology is today and where it’s headed tomorrow.

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