Utility Network Data in the Field and at Your Fingertips

Smart devices provide users with weather, traffic, friendly conversation, music, and access to the entire Internet in seconds. That’s a huge power shift in how individuals access information. For utilities, this means field crews can conveniently access network data and maps – or any enterprise data source – with nothing more than a SIM card, a device, and a web browser.

Network operators own and manage a lot of data. Intergraph NetWorks helps to break through this data overload by making it easier for field crews to access, visualize, update, and share location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities from across the network. Another benefit to Intergraph NetWorks is that it uses web services and browser-based access to the software, which means it doesn’t require a mobile app or a specific piece of hardware running a specific operating system. Users in the field simply plug in the URL and get started.

Here are a few more Intergraph Networks capabilities that benefit field crews and other mobile utility workers.

Designed for Mobile Devices
We live in a mobile world. And it can be frustrating when a website or web-based application doesn’t meet the user experience expectations on mobile devices. Built to run on iOS and Android smart devices, Intergraph NetWorks’ data and map layers are easily visible with a user experience similar to an app. You and your field crews can pinch and zoom in on maps to visualize network assets and other data, much like you would use Google Maps to find the nearest coffee shop.

Reduced Installation and Training Needs
Because it uses web services to share and update Intergraph G/Technology data, Intergraph NetWorks requires no installation on a smart device. Users in the field open a web browser, log in, and get started. Intergraph NetWorks intuitive user interface reduces the need for hours of training, which makes it easier and faster for field crews to access your network data and get to the task at hand.

Pick a Favorite Map
With flexibility built in, it’s important that you and your field crews use tools that are most comfortable and familiar. After all, it’s your network asset data, and you should be able to visualize it how you want. When viewing your network using Intergraph NetWorks, you can pick your favorite map source including Google Maps and Bing Maps. This keeps your map clean and your comfort level high.

To learn more about how Intergraph NetWorks can enhance your network and map visualization, register for our webinar, “Unlock Real Value with Accessible GIS Data Anytime, Anywhere”, on March 8 at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Mike Deery
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