Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Sponsors SCAS’s Emergency Operational Control Person of the Year


L to R: Martin Stanford (Presenter), Rachael Cook (Awardee), Julie Crombie (Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure) and Nick Chorley (Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure)

Every year, the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) hosts a staff awards ceremony known as the Ambies. The awards recognizes South Central Ambulance Service staff members who epitomize the values of teamwork, innovation, professionalism, and care.As SCAS is one of our Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) customers, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure U.K. had the opportunity to sponsor this prestigious event.

The South Central Ambulance Service emergency operation centers serve the counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Oxfordshire in the U.K., and handle around 500,000 emergency and urgent calls each year. The centers are the life line to emergency services for nearly 4.6 million residents.

As part of this year’s Ambies, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure had the opportunity to present the SCAS’s Emergency Operational Control (EOC) Person of the Year Award. Nominated by many of her colleagues and selected by a panel of judges, Rachael Cook received the EOC Person of the Year award. She won for her commitment to patients and ensuring that the emergency operations center’s clinical support desk productively works to deliver the best care for patients. Rachael Cook is the Clinical Support Desk Manager at the EOC based in Northern House, Bicester.

Congratulation to Rachael Cook for her well-earned award. Thank you to the SCAS for inviting Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to be a part of this year’s Ambies.

About Nick Chorley

With nearly three decades of experience in public safety, Nick Chorley works directly with our public safety customers and local country teams across Europe to develop solutions that serve strategic initiatives and improve services. Chorley is Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s EMEA public safety and security industry manager and account manager for our ambulance customers in the U.K.