Hexagon's Response to COVID-19

Our commitment to our customers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., 13 March 2020

Dear Valued Customer:

COVID-19 is affecting everyone on a global scale, which means that we all must work together to limit the spread of the virus and protect the people at risk. At Hexagon, our priority is keeping our employees and customers safe, and we are following all guidelines and recommendations set up at national, regional and local levels to do so. Through all of this, we recognise that our employees and our customers are relying on Hexagon more than ever. Rest assured that we are taking all necessary steps to protect you, our employees, and to minimise risk to the supply of our products and our services to you, our customers.

Like the world, Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division continues to monitor the spread and effects of COVID-19. While the situation continues to cause concern, we wanted to provide an update as to Hexagon’s present posture as you make your own contingency plans.

Presently, Hexagon provides services generally in three ways to customers: software maintenance, on-site (RSA) support, and active service-based projects. With regard to software maintenance, Hexagon remains well-postured to continue providing HelpDesk support during the present situation since software maintenance is provided to you on a remote basis. As is the case at many corporations, universities, and government agencies, Hexagon is contemplating scenarios where its employees cannot work at Hexagon facilities and would have to work at home or in isolated environments. While the transition to an atypical environment may limit efficiencies enjoyed from Hexagon facilities, our employees would still have the ability to provide support at those alternate locations.

For those customers who have contracted with Hexagon to provide on-site/RSA support, circumstances in your locale will determine the level of support the RSA is able to provide. We appreciate each region is being affected in different ways and government agencies are responding in proportion to the threats presented to your community. As Hexagon’s RSAs are affected by the same event affecting your community, if circumstances prevent people from going to work, the Hexagon RSA may be similarly affected. The RSA can perform certain functions in an isolated environment, but certain duties would be compromised by working remotely. If the situation warrants, we will contact you directly to evaluate contingency plans for your assigned RSA.

Finally, ongoing service-based projects may be affected, but we will mitigate such disruptions as permitted by working through remote connections. Much of our work for projects is already conducted remotely. Being forced to disperse to alternate locations may obviate some of the efficiencies gained by working in a Hexagon facility, but we envision remote services continuing, albeit on an altered timeline. For services to be performed on-site, we will closely monitor the travel dynamics to ensure we do not expose our personnel or you to unusual or elevated health risks but also act as a good corporate citizen in the efforts to mitigate spreading of the virus.

We appreciate your continued trust in Hexagon and appreciate your understanding as we plan for possible contingencies in light of COVID-19.

Steven Cost
Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division