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Westnetz GmbH Uses Cloud-Based GIS to Map Germany

Wanting to organize, centralize, map, and manage all of its geospatial data, Westnetz GmbH (part of RWE AG) deployed a cloud-based GIS to support and service multiple end-users with secure, on-demand data that could be consumed on low bandwidth or offline networks.

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Mapping entire country of Germany

Our field mobility solutions provide essential tools for operations and maintenance functions. Quickly connecting crews with accurate and reliable information on jobs and assets boosts productivity and safety, while enabling bidirectional communication provides operational insight and enhances the accuracy, completeness, and currency of enterprise records.

We support a range of interfaces, from toughbooks to consumer tablets and smartphones, enabling tools to matcheach task and target user group. As well as supporting crews, we also provide supervisory and analytical capabilities to dispatch jobs and track progress, analytical tools for operational insight, and task-oriented workflows to manage specific tasks, such as vegetation management and damage inspection.


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If we can use technology to get electricity back on and restored quicker, customers are happier. Mobile computing is going to allow us to do that, and that is what our customers want.
- Dale Klimek Distribution Operation Supervisor, Wisconsin Public Service