Major Events & Disaster Management

Coordinate, communicate, and adapt to rapidly changing events

German Police Agencies Use Incident Management for G7 Summit

To support the security and public safety requirements of the G7 summit, the Bavarian State Police and German Federal Police deployed a computer-aided dispatch and major event management solution to coordinate response efforts.

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Seven Summit in Elmau

Whether a natural disaster or a high-profile sporting or political event, the complexity of large-scale, special events create information and management needs that go far beyond those of day-to-day operations. The many diverse organizations involved create unique challenges in coordinating resources for safe, efficient, and effective operation. Our solutions help organizations share current, reliable information, issue communications that are clear and unambiguous to all, and ensure the ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations on the ground.


Optimize Insight

Collect, visualize, analyze, and share dynamic information for major event situational awareness and insight.

Enhance Collaboration

Enable a common operating picture and understanding for clear communication and effective cooperation from planning through recovery.

Integrate Capabilities

Harness coordinated capabilities to streamline processes and expedite the flow of time-critical information.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch

Soluzione CAD all'avanguardia che grazie alle sue avanzate capacità di call-taking e dispatch connette le persone che necessitano di soccorso, gli operatori nelle sale di controllo, i manager e gli agenti che si trovano sul campo rendendo le risposte più tempestive ed efficaci.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response

Applicazione web per la gestione di incidenti ed eventi di grande portata che coordina ed integra risorse, procedure e comunicazioni per azioni più sicure ed efficienti.