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Crafting A Vision for the Future

We find ourselves crafting a new vision for our customers, our communities and our company – a vision expressed by the Hexagon brand. While Intergraph SG&I  brings a heritage and history crafted from decades leading in competitive markets, carrying the Hexagon banner opens up even more opportunities to deliver innovative and flexible solutions to our current and future customers.

Embracing Change – One of Life’s Great Teachers

The Intergraph name change will be something new – and positive for all of us – those who wear the logo, as well as those who use the products.  Hexagon represents a global brand with key critical assets and infrastructure, which truly distinguishes and differentiates our organization in the global market place.

Branding for Growth - What's In a New Name?

In less than a decade, I have seen how we as a company have evolved progressively and steadily. I am confident we are building on a strong legacy of Intergraph SG&I to build an even stronger Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in Asia Pacific. As a Hexagon brand, we will demonstrate growth, constant value creation, solutions-driven innovation and customer’s satisfaction.

Progress Is Impossible Without Change

After five years as a Hexagon brand, I am pleased to announce that Intergraph SG&I is undergoing an exciting change. We are changing our name. From this day forward, we will be known as Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

Intergraph Canada SG&I User Conference: Government and Transportation Overview

Intergraph Canada is holding two User Conferences during the month of October in Edmonton, Alberta and Mississauga, Ontario. Attendees will be able to network with others in their field and learn from industry experts with open Q&A discussions and live software demos.

Asset Management: The Transportation Game Changer

In the this month’s issue of GeoConnexion International magazine, Intergraph Executive Consultant James Brown discusses how whole life-cycle asset management and enterprise data integration are changing how transportation engineers and planners make the biggest impact on services and capital investments.

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Selects Intergraph Automated Permitting and Routing Solution

Louisiana DOTD will replace a legacy, in-house developed oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicle permitting system with Intergraph’s OS/OW permitting and routing solution, which adds new capabilities, including intelligent routing and real-time restriction management.

Intergraph Selected to Design Traffic Monitoring System for Highway 407 ETR

407 ETR Concession Company Limited (407 ETR), the concessionaire of Highway 407 ETR in Toronto, Ontario, has awarded Intergraph a contract to design and implement an integrated traffic monitoring system to provide Highway Operations group with real-time spatial information of incidents on the Ontario highway.

How Oklahoma DOT Uses GIS for Oversized/Overweight Vehicle Routing

In its latest webcast, the Federal Highway Administration highlights long-time Intergraph customer Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the agency's OS/OW Automated Routing System. With the help of Intergraph, ODOT began developing their OS/OW Automated Routing System in 2009, and launched the system in November 2011.

Consider These UAV Applications

In the Canadian oil fields, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used for surveying land and inspecting equipment.