Combining Transportation and Public Safety for Safer Roads

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The battle for living smart will be won or lost in cities. The place where information technology is doing its most important work is improving the quality of life of citizens through enhanced public safety, reduced power consumption, comfortable housing, full access to public services, and reduced waste. Whatever the goal, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s information technologies enable cities of all sizes to eliminate growing pains, not just cope with them, ultimately reaching their true potential - safe, efficient, connected, clean, and thriving communities.

Ensuring the safe transportation of people and goods throughout cities and states is paramount and this is a primary role for today’s DOTs as well as law enforcement and public safety organizations. More and more cities are seeing the movement of oversize and overweight (OS/OW) vehicles along normal traffic corridors traveled by average citizens. Planning safe routes for these loads is possible with dynamic routing using GIS road data and efficient restriction management with our automated Intergraph SafeHaul Enterprise suite.

Our automated permitting and routing solution for OS/OW vehicles offers maximum flexibility for drivers and supporting organizations such as local law enforcement. It is delivered as a turnkey solution and provides measurable benefits to its users. Here’s a look at the key benefits.

Protecting the Infrastructure
How do you know if an OS/OW vehicle can travel safely along a road? You need to know where the potential restrictions are along the road network. With Restriction Manager, you can monitor and track every bridge clearance, bridge weight, construction zone, narrow road, or anything that would compromise the safety of the infrastructure with an oversized load. What if you need to shut down a road for a day to accommodate a parade or planned event? Restriction manager can also handle time sensitive restrictions as well for special events, temporary closures, and weather conditions. Avoiding just one bridge collision from an oversize load can save millions of tax dollars for city and state agencies.

Protecting the Public
Protecting the lives of citizens is the most important job for public safety agencies. Ensuring that the traveling public is safe during the movement of an OS/OW load is accomplished with Intergraph SafeHaul through proper, calculated routing. Also, each permit issued to a trucking company for an OS/OW load has a QR Code. This allows law enforcement, using a free QR Code reader on their mobile device, to scan the permit and view the details of the permit while never leaving the sight of the driver. Details can include validity, logged violations, enforcement details, and actions as well as the truck’s information. Proper enforcement is public safety.

Ensuring Economic Viability Public
Twenty-four seven access via the web allows the trucking industry to apply for and receive a permit any time. Intergraph SafeHaul can complete the permit, generate a safe route, allow the payment of the permit, and issue that permit within minutes. This ensures that the truck drivers and dispatchers are not waiting for permits and gives them incentive to get the permit with a safe route before beginning, which saves time and money. This translates into better economic viability for the customer and safer movements for the traveling public.

Our Intergraph SafeHaul solution improves security, safety, and the quality of life for communities worldwide with digital intelligence while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT and infrastructure investments.

To learn more about Intergraph SafeHaul and our other public safety solutions, visit us at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference from October 21 to 24 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’ll be at booth 1837. See you there.

About Jay Adams

Jay Adams is a senior industry consultant for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s transportation business unit. Prior to joining Hexagon, Adams spent more than 20 years in various leadership roles with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

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