Swiss Chapter GeoForum: Hexagon Swiss User Conference Recap

On November 17th, the Swiss Chapter GeoForum hosted its 13th annual user conference in close collaboration with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in Switzerland. As a hub for creativity and innovation, the Technopark, the conference’s location in Zurich, perfectly reflects what Hexagon strives for every day: closing the gap between what is and what should be by shaping smart change. These words from Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén serve as an excellent summary for this conference.

Around 120 customers from all business units were welcomed to attend this one-day event, which consisted of keynotes, live demonstrations, technology-specific discussions, and workshops. It was also a great opportunity for the attendees to network.

The keynotes looked back on the highlights of 2015 with special emphasis on Intergraph Switzerland’s 30th anniversary celebrations and activities. The keynotes also allowed a glimpse into the future of Hexagon and prominently addressed the new rebranding efforts across Switzerland.

The morning program focused on new ideas and evolving technologies in the Hexagon portfolio of brands. With a marketplace for technology exhibitions, attendees were able wander from booth to booth. The assortment of topics was diverse and covered the first productive European installation of Mobile Responder in Canton Tessin, Switzerland; Smart M.APPS, the map of the future; Geospatial mobile solutions; Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s industrial security solution, which premiered this year in the situation center of Evonik in Germany; and more.

“What we see in the marketplace perfectly matches this year’s conference slogan: Innovation Starts Here,” said Markus Hess, Hexagon customer and president of the Swiss Chapter GeoForum. “Our members can see how Hexagon’s new solutions can change and improve the way they work. Personally, I like very much the technology and the business idea behind the brand new Smart M. APPS.”

In the afternoon, the hustle and bustle on the marketplace calmed down and made room for technology-specific group discussions, detailed presentations of new product features, and hands-on workshops.

We closed the event with a rich aperitif, where impressions of the day were exchanged, business discussed, and new contacts made.

This year’s GeoForum was another wonderful event. Special thanks go to the Swiss Chapter GeoForum, the association of the Swiss Hexagon customers and co-organizers of the conference. By organizing events throughout the year they contribute a great deal to the fruitful exchange among different organizations and help to close the gap between what is and what should be

And of course, there was something to win too. Congratulations to the two lucky attendees who were elected to join the Intergraph Forum 2016 held in Frankfurt, Germany! Check out these images of the event.





About Fabian Zwimpfer

Fabian Zwimpfer is a sales and marketing representative focused on tender management, business development initiatives, and industry events in Switzerland. Prior to joining Hexagon in 2015, Fabian was a teaching assistant at the Institute for Mechanical Systems while working on his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich.