Intergraph Canada SG&I User Conference: Government and Transportation Overview

Now that summer is officially over and we’ve move into autumn and pumpkin spice flavored everything, it’s important for organizations to start looking ahead and preparing for 2016. When a new year begins, organizational leaders need to have goals in place for themselves and their department – what goals they would like to accomplish and how they plan on accomplishing these goals. But it’s not always easy to prepare for the future when you aren’t actually sure what the future will bring.

A great way to open your mind to different ideas for the future is engaging and networking with groups of innovative people. Intergraph Canada is holding two User Conferences where improvement, innovation, and connecting with peers are some of the main focuses. Intergraph Canada is offering the conferences at a complimentary rate to customers, partners, and prospects. The user conferences take place during the month of October in Edmonton, AB, and Mississauga, ON, and will allow attendees to network with others in their field and learn from industry experts with open Q&A discussions and live software demos.

Along with networking opportunities, attendees at this year’s ICANuc can take advantage of Intergraph’s geospatial learning sessions. The agenda is full of forward-thinking sessions that reflect on the increasingly innovative technologies within the government and transportation industries. At the single-day conferences, Intergraph will discuss and demo:

On-the-Go Smart Mobility: Learn how to utilize the power of smartphones and tablet-based applications to extend your workflow outdoors and integrate with external systems.

Solutions for Smart Change Detection: Learn how ERDAS IMAGE works with point clouds and how these can be used for 3-D visualization and feature measurement for change detection.

Unveiling Our Map of the Future: Learn about this new, transformative approach to a cloud-based portfolio that delivers lightweight, data-driven applications.

Be sure to check out the social media contest that will run before and during the conference, where you’ll have the chance to win a GoPro camera. All you have to do is mention @Intergraph and #ICANuc in a Facebook or Twitter post and you’re entered to win!

Are you interested in joining the rest of your peers at ICANuc? Register today!

About Pamela Bernier

Pamela Bernier is a senior marketing specialist for Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division. Bernier has five years of experience in the public safety and utilities industry including police, fire, emergency management, and distribution – gaining valuable insight into the global business. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.

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