HxGN LIVE Sneak Peek: Smart Safety & Security Sessions

HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong will be here before you know it – November 18-20 to be exact. The conference is great way to hear inspiring keynotes, network with industry experts and peers, and experience must-see technologies from across Hexagon’s brands.

Last week, we gave you a sneak peek of Intergraph SG&I’s Smart Infrastructure sessions. This week, we’d like to share a few Smart Safety & Security sessions. These sneak peeks are designed to deliver insight into the topics, customers, and technologies that we will be featuring throughout the conference. Without further ado, here’s this week’s sneak peek.


Boost the Value of Your Public Safety Solutions with EdgeFrontier & CAD Connect
Want to increase return on investment from your public safety solutions? Why not look for ways to speed up or enhance that return by leveraging those solutions throughout your organization? In this session, see key features of EdgeFrontier and CAD Connect and discover how you can use data flowing to and from I/CAD more effectively. Learn how I/CAD features and functions can benefit your public safety organization.

Upgrading From One CAD Version to the Next
Upgrading your Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system will involve a large number of moving pieces from both your organization and from Intergraph, covering the people involved, the processes to be followed, and the technology implemented. In this session, learn how to better prepare your organization for such an upgrade, and streamline the processes that affect your software, technology, infrastructure, and people.

Hot Topics

On the Go with Mobile Technologies
Hear the latest news about innovative solutions for utilities and communications users on the web and in the field. Enabling these solutions is a robust service framework for enterprise-ready applications that integrate access to G/Technology and InService, as well as the data they manage. In this session, you will explore the scope of the software for the first release of our new mobile solution, as well as a vision for the product's future. Find out how to use industry-standard web services to create vibrant applications and portals to streamline your operations, perform in-depth analytics to support business decisions, and improve field crew productivity.

Making Our Cities Safe & Secured
Cities are home to millions of people. Keeping citizens and properties safe is the priority of every public safety and security agency in the world. First responders are particularly confronted with increasingly complex and challenging environments – from terrorism threats to natural disasters. Now more than ever, intelligence systems need to be smarter. Investing in smart intelligence systems is an investment in the future, and vital to protecting the citizens and communities we serve. Attend this session to gain insight into the transformational trends and technologies for multi-emergency response services in building safe and secured cities.

Industry Buzz

Efficiently Responding to Threats to Critical Infrastructure
Intergraph's security offering provides a powerful integrated monitoring and security solution. It enables you to detect, visualize, and assess real-time data and events to ensure the safety and security of critical assets and the public. Learn more about its standard operating procedure component, client customization capabilities, web-based user interface, enhanced integration capability with EdgeFrontier, and more. Discover how you can put Intergraph's security capabilities to work in your own environment.

Can Unmanned Aircraft Enhance Public Safety & Security?
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become a popular new invention. We have seen the proven effectiveness of UAVs in military operations. But can this technology be commercialized for use to radically benefit the public safety and security industries – such as highlighting “danger” spots, raising situational awareness, and gathering incident intelligence more quickly and safely for emergency response personnel? And will it truly deliver the full advantages anticipated? Join us for this insightful session where you will learn more about this current hot topic and their potential various uses. The presenter will also address the one big question – what can be done with all the valuable intelligence data collected from UAVs to enhance public safety and security?

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