New Zealand Police Win the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award for Intergraph’s Real-Time Mapping Solution

New Zealand Police were awarded the prestigious 2014 Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Award (APSEA) in the Spatial Enablement category for its innovative real-time mapping solution from Intergraph that generates insight to the operating environment of the police.

In addition to showcasing the technical diversity and innovation evident across the spatial industry, the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards are the only awards in the Asia Pacific region that recognize the excellent contributions and achievements of both individuals and organizations engaged in the spatial information industry across the region. New Zealand Police were finalists in the APSEA Spatial Enablement category after clinching the New Zealand Spatial Excellence Award 2014.

Developed by Intergraph in collaboration with New Zealand Police Communications Centers Intelligence Unit (CCIU), the award-winning solution, which features Hexagon Geospatial’s GeoMedia® Smart Client, empowers police officers to view and act off operational information in real time. It integrates disparate data sources into one seamless interactive map view, enabling users to build a comprehensive geospatial picture of their operating environment, recent trends and information.

As a key planning and decision-making tool too, the system stores and shows current and historic events reported by the public and frontline police with colorful icons representing different incidents. Users can select layers of specific information, such as where patrols are located, what crime prevention activities have been carried out, and how often crimes occur at a particular location.

The solution is breaking ground internationally as one of only a few national police mapping systems in the world operating in real time!

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