Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH Uses GIS to Manage & Visualize Asset Data

Finding that its CAD-based network information system hindered data integration, Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH implemented a Hexagon GIS solution to integrate asset data management, improve network visualization, and meet mandated reporting requirements.

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The Challenge

Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH provides services for more than 80,000 residents in the city of Bayreuth, Germany, and surrounding areas. A multi-utility company, Stadtwerke Bayreuth supplies natural gas, drinking water, and electricity to industrial, commercial, and household customers. Using an environmentally responsible energy and water supply concept, the company relies on innovative information technologies to perform best practices and ensure all customers receive timely and efficient services.

Wanting to keep up with modern data management and visualization methods, Stadtwerke Bayreuth found that its CAD-based network information system limited its data integration possibilities between various branches and assets. To better serve its customers, Stadtwerke Bayreuth needed a customizable GIS that adapts to inner-city and rural infrastructure requirements, as well as a sustainable spatial data infrastructure that would easily migrate existing gas and water data.

The Solution

Stadtwerke Bayreuth selected advanced GIS software from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division for its migration of gas and water data. Hexagon customized the GIS solution to Stadtwerke Bayreuth requirements to support gas, water, cadastre, and topography sectors. With the Hexagon solution, Stadtwerke Bayreuth can standardize information collection, manage large data flows, and reduce inconsistent reporting - ensuring Stadtwerke Bayreuth could analyze accurate data in real time.

Building on top of the Hexagon platform, Stadtwerke Bayreuth developed applications for each of its utility services. Stadtwerke Bayreuth's cable networks can now be represented in multi-line plans and different states, providing a faster and more accurate calculation of cable lengths. Additionally, the Hexagon system enables Stadtwerke Bayreuth to gather statistics to quickly deliver accurate reporting to the Federal Network Agency. With Hexagon's comprehensive data management solution, Stadtwerke Bayreuth can visualize its various resources and assets across all service areas - ensuring reliable energy supplies via real-time reporting and information.

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Overall, the migration has led to an even higher-quality level of our enterprise data.
- Günter Geist Head of Infrastructure Management & Distribution Stadtwerke Bayreuth