I/CAD Reporting & Analysis

Product Screenshot of ICAD Reporting & Analysis

Business Intelligence Direct for CAD provides built-in analytics capabilities for I/CAD. Users can create reports on operational data to manage performance and identify trends. With our business intelligence software, organizations can improve operational planning, performance, and decision-making.


Public Safety & Security
Optimize Data

Access and analyze large volumes of data.

Public Safety & Security
Share Information

Create easy-to-understand reports.

Public Safety & Security
Improve Performance

Identify trends and better allocate resources.

Products & Capabilities

Data Mining

Quickly and easily access operational data about calls, events, units, and more.

Report Creation

Create and schedule pre-configured reports. Perform ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

Information Sharing

Present data in easy-to-understand textual and graphical formats and share information via a secure web portal.

Enhanced Capabilities

Leverage other Business Intelligence for Public Safety products for advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety
Improve performance and allocate resources more effectively.
Halton Regional Police Services
Halton Regional Police Services uses Hexagon's business intelligence software to streamline data management, improve operational efficiencies, and make better decisions.
Louisville MetroSafe
Louisville MetroSafe uses computer-aided dispatch and analytics to support and integrate multi-agency incident management and response.