Public Works

Plan, maintain, and enhance public infrastructure.

Case Study
Aerial view of Mississauga highway network in Ontario Canada
407 ETR Uses Mobile GIS Solution for Road Network Management
Needing to integrate disparate data systems and enable mobile data collection, 407 ETR leveraged an information management solution with mobile GIS capabilities.

We have pioneered the development and application of location-based technology for more than 45 years. Our first GIS was an infrastructure management solution implemented for a municipality in 1974. From these roots, our capabilities and offerings have grown to support asset design, planning, and operations for hundreds of utility, transportation, buildings, and facilities management organizations around the world.


Integrate Enterprise Data

Create a location-based enterprise reference framework capable of unifying the diverse data sources characteristic of public works operations.

Enhance Accuracy & Efficiency

From the back office to the field, maintain records that are more accurate and complete, saving time and money.

Make Informed Decisions

Build, share, and utilize more comprehensive, current, and reliable asset information for evidence-based decisions and greater insight.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Infrastructure Management

We provide comprehensive capabilities for each key asset group, including road and highway, rail, mass transit, water and wastewater, gas, electricity distribution, and telecommunications.

Explore related resources to learn more about our asset and network-specific infrastructure management solutions.

Field Inspection & Data Collection

Our field automation solutions deliver the information and capabilities engineers need to work more efficiently and effectively. By connecting the office and field, they also increase the currency and accuracy of enterprise records and deliver increased operational insight across the business.

We give direct, secure access to field operators, including out-sourced contractors, ensuring everyone is working from a single authoritative source. Our easy-to-use systems allow workers to view, edit, and update data directly from the field using mobile devices.

Our simple-to-use, workflow driven inspection processes have built-in validation to ensure records are more complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

Capital Planning

Increasing demand on public services and infrastructure, combined with budgetary constraints and aging infrastructure, require authorities to target limited resources where they will deliver the most impact. This means balancing multiple factors commonly in tension – economic, operational, environmental, social, political, and others. As a consequence, organizations must manage more – and more relevant – information.

Our geospatial capabilities and experience can help authorities maintain core data sets and combine those with financial and social information to develop the insight needed for broader planning and share that information publicly.

UAV Inspection & Mapping

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) represent the fastest growing source of field data capture. They combine small, highly, maneuverable, remotely piloted aircraft with sensors that range from conventional cameras for photography and video to thermal imaging and even LiDAR.

Their applications include conventional aerial data capture for mapping, inspection of structures, and monitoring of construction projects. We provide tools to streamline ingestion and processing of raw data collected from UAV platforms and rapidly generate and share usable information across the enterprise. Hexagon also offers some of the most capable UAV platforms for these tasks, including the Aibotix X6.

Noise Modeling & Migitgation

Our software enables government agencies to conduct environmental noise assessments and apply the results to their operations. Noise mapping helps ensure compliance with environmental regulations and identify problem areas for mitigation measure, especially those close to sensitive functions such as hospitals and schools.

Our solutions include support for publication on public, self-service information portals.

Alberta Transportation
Alberta Transportation uses infrastructure management system to streamline network data, improve capital planning, and ensure roadway safety.
City of Winnipeg
The City of Winnipeg uses a location-based information management system to streamline and geo-reference its infrastructure data, improving access and shareability.
Fraport AG
Fraport AG uses geographical information system to streamline airport infrastructure data management and optimize business operations.