National Security & Resilience

Optimize collaboration, communication, planning, and response.

Case Study
French firefighters investigate and accident
Bouches-du-Rhône Fire Brigade Modernizes Response with I/CAD
To better manage large call volume and reduce emergency response times, Bouches-du-Rhône Fire & Rescue implemented a computer-aided dispatch system to enhance its capacity for managing large forest fires while increasing the availability of its firefighters and equipment.

Governments must adapt to new and changing threats. Extreme weather, terrorism, even the unintended consequences of lean operation demand greater awareness, preparedness, and coordination to ensure safety and continuity.

With decades of experience supporting governments at all levels, we provide solutions for strategic, tactical, and operational support – monitoring and mapping, informing decisions, facilitating collaboration, and mobilizing coordinated response. Covering both broadly applicable geospatial tools and specialized mission-critical systems, we offer a unique scope of solutions that enable governments to identify, prepare for, withstand, and recover from threats to national security.


Increase Collaboration

Prepare for and respond to emergencies with top-down collaborative plans built on collective information and common understanding.

Optimize Situational Awareness

Synthesize a clear operational picture via dynamic maps that deliver an intuitive unified interface to real-time information feeds and communications.

Enhance Protection

Accelerate information flows to enable organizations to respond to incidents earlier and more efficiently for better outcomes.

Major Events & Disaster Management
Coordinate, communicate, and adapt to rapidly changing events.
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