Land & Property

Maximize revenue, ensure governance, and reduce costs.

Case Study
Urban cityscape Virginia Beach
City of Virginia Beach Uses GIS to Manage Property Records
Needing to replace its property records management process, the City of Virginia Beach implemented a GIS solution to manage city-owned properties, secure municipal spatial data, improve operational efficiency, and enhance city planning.

Our land and property solutions ensure correct revenue is collected and enable governments to realize best value from public assets. Our robust and accessible platforms provide the essential information and processes for a healthy economy by expediting property transactions and appropriate development.

We also enable authorities to manage and maintain their own buildings and facilities, optimize value from land holdings, and execute land acquisitions and disposals for major development projects.

Our solutions harness interactive web applications to provide more responsive and accessible services while reducing overhead. In the same way, they also enhance governance by ensuring consistent and demonstrable application of policy and visibility of the ownership and application of public assets.


Streamline Data Maintenance

Maintain current and accurate records, including methods to direct maintenance efforts and field tools that expedite the capture of high-quality data.

Enhance Planning

Enable fast and informed planning with our combination of open data storage, interoperability interfaces, integral workflow management, and platforms. 

Increase Customer Service

Improve response times and reduce overheads with publically accessible  information portals and workflow-driven online self-service capabilities.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Cadaster & Property Taxation

Cadasters underpin economic activity of all kinds. They also provide the spatial information foundation of a country, establishing robust and consistent spatial referencing frameworks on which other data and services can be layered.

Our solutions maintain accurate, up-to-date records and can focus reappraisal, using image processing to identify areas of change. We enable data to be published with rich functional capabilities via web services, browsers, smart clients, and apps, or integrated with other technologies. These capabilities enable the data to be applied to downstream applications for online taxation, property assessment, or property transactions. In this way, the modern cadaster can fulfill its role as a geo-service provider, acting as a catalyst and enabler for wider economic and social development.

Planning & Zoning

Our geospatial technologies enhance all stages of the planning lifecycle. They provide insight and analytical capabilities to support zoning, applications collection and assessment, stakeholder and public engagement, governance, and policy monitoring and enforcement. Uniquely, our geospatial tools cover the full set of capabilities needed to fulfill these roles, including vector and cell-based GIS, image processing, and photogrammetry across desktop, web, and field-deployed solutions.

Land Assets & Buildings

We provide solutions that accurately document property holdings and make that information more readily available, enabling authorities to respond quickly and effectively to opportunities linked to their estate’s assets. They also support governance and protect public assets by ensuring full value is received from the property rights held.

In addition to recording land and property holdings, we also provide solutions that help document and manage the fabric and fittings of buildings and facilities, including field inspection. Our experience ranges from geospatial tools to record and inspect assets, through solutions and services for installation and energy management.

City of Virginia Beach
City of Virginia Beach uses GIS-based property records management solution to maintain city-owned properties while securing its municipal spatial data.
City of Baton Rouge
The City of Baton Rouge uses mobile GIS solution to streamline how field crews view, capture, edit, and update vegetation and asset data.
GeoMedia Smart Client
Easily deploy highly focused, map-based workflows to the office or the field via the web.