Geodata Production & Delivery

Create, maintain, and publish geospatial data for specific tasks and end-to-end workflows.

Case Study
Aerial view of Barcelona Spain
Institut Cartogràfic i Geologic de Catalunya Improves Photogrammetric Data Capture in GIS Environment

With the increasing complexity of newer data models and the need to optimize more progressive data exploitations, ICGC wanted to migrate its data capture workflows from a CAD to a GIS.

We provide a comprehensive set of geospatial data production tools, encompassing GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and data management, delivered as a coordinated product suite. Specialized modules provide the extended capabilities required by high-specification, high-throughput data, and map production operations.

In delivering our solutions, we leverage these capabilities and our four decades of experience applying geospatial technologies to geo-data production. We provide end-to-end workflows and innovative solutions to increase efficiency and throughput and create next-generation data products and services.


Fulfill End-to-End Workflows

Harness coordinated capabilities for GIS, photogrammetry, and remote sensing to streamline processes and expedite data flows.

Target Updates

Improve efficiency and boost flexibility by deriving products from a common source, from conventional desktops to super fast cartographic web services.

Deliver More

Deliver your data with richer capabilities, from intelligent vectors and LiDAR, to 3D rendering and advanced geoprocessing models. 

Explore Solution Capabilities

End-to-End Workflows

The rich scope of our geospatial portfolio enables us to support entire end-to-end processes, whether vector mapping, photogrammetry, imagery, or any combination of the three.

In the past, these disciplines have relied on solutions from separate providers, which has made it hard for organizations to develop and maintain coherent, integrated flowlines. Uniquely, Hexagon Geospatial’s Power Portfolio provides a coordinated suite of products that address all three, enabling us to deliver streamlined, end-to-end processes from capture to delivery of finished product for greater efficiency and shorter product cycles.

We can also leverage the combined capabilities to enhance areas beyond the immediate creation of data, for example using image processing to identify areas for resurvey based on prioritizing quantified levels of change. The coordination can even extend into the area of sensors, survey devices, and positioning capabilities with the products from Hexagon Geosystems.

Data Capture

Our GeoMedia products build on a solid foundation of robust GIS data capture and editing tools that support efficient creation and maintenance of high-quality vector features with storage in open geospatial databases. Our advanced remote sensing techniques enable fast and effective processing of source imagery to identify and quantify change across wide areas. The capabilities of the core products are supplemented by specialized cartography data production and management tools that address the needs of high-volume, high-specification operations, as well as rapid mapping.

Our photogrammetry products enable users to transform large quantities of raw spatial information to an actionable or exploitable format. From high-volume production mapping centers to project-based contractors, we provide tools that support an entire, seamless photogrammetry workflow, including triangulation, real stereo visualization, terrain generation and editing, orthomosaic creation, and 3D feature extraction.

Geospatial Content Management

Geo-data management has evolved greatly over the past decade. Today, geospatial product-neutral databases are the norm, which maintain a single feature-level source database that supports the generation of a range of map products with different content, symbology, and scales. We enable users to develop feature-level, geospatial product-neutral databases that maintain and track the source data and workflows to manage the creation and revision of map products in various forms and modes of delivery.

Data & Map Production

We offer a comprehensive suite of cartographic data and map production capabilities that can work with a broad range of data sources. They are highly dependable and productive both in terms of the cartographic tools provided (including automation and generalization), the generation of outputs, and their ability to track changes in source data for managing product revision workflows.

Imagery Management & Delivery

Rapid development in capture technologies has made imagery acquisition faster and cheaper. This evolution is driving an unprecedented expansion in both the number of devices deployed and the rates and volumes of data collected. Our highly efficient and effective data management capabilities avoid the resulting data deluge from becoming unmanageable.

The advanced imagery management and dissemination capabilities provided by ERDAS APOLLO minimize data management overheads while maximizing users’ ability to find and rapidly connect to the information they need. For example, automated data discovery, ingest, and preparation minimize the work of adding new data to the catalog and remove delays in providing users the latest information.

Geodata Portals, Stores & Web Services

Hexagon pioneered web mapping technologies. We were a founding member of the OGC and the first company to offer a commercial off-the-shelf solution to dynamically render intelligent, interactive vector maps in standard web browsers. From these origins our capabilities have grown in scope to transform simple web mapping services into powerful, flexible, and robust IT resources. We enable organizations to secure OGC/ISO web services and monitor, manage, and report on service quality – functionality essential for managing and serving secure or licensed data via open web services. We also offer the flexibility to render 2D, 3D, and 4D data, support access from conventional browsers and mobile devices, and provide multi-lingual support out-of-the-box.

Province of Treviso, Italy
Italy’s Province of Treviso deploys agile web-based GIS solution to improve end-user workflows, manage roadway assets, and share information with other agencies.
Regione del Veneto
Veneto Region uses spatial data infrastructure solution to consolidate data sources, improve interoperability, and support users with an easy-to-use web portal.
Westnetz GmbH (RWE)
Westnetz GmbH (part of RWE AG) uses cloud-based geographical information system to organize, centralize, map, and manage geospatial data.