Electronic Services

Meet the increasing expectations of online users and reduce costs.

Photo of eighteen wheeler truck on the interstate
Oklahoma DOT & DPS Automate Oversize/Overweight Load Permits and Routing
With limited resources and a growing number of permit requests, Oklahoma needed a system to automate its oversize/overweight routing and permitting process, creating safer roadways and lowering permit issuing costs.

Driven by comparison with popular commercial online offerings, the public sector is under pressure to improve service delivery. It must also adapt to demands for greater transparency and increased levels of public engagement in developing and applying policy.

With nearly 20 years of experience deploying interactive spatial content online, our solutions support agencies around the globe, from conventional information portals to full end-to-end execution of complex governmental services.

We simplify navigation and enable the least technical of users to harness powerful spatial capabilities. We enable agencies to present clearer explanations of plans and policy and receive greater feedback from citizens and stakeholders via mobile apps and web services.

Our solutions enable information services that are more accessible and responsive for users, while reducing the cost to government.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Make services accessible 24 hours a day, with no need to visit a government office.

Optimize Resources

Significantly reduce the time and costs associated with processing requests, freeing up personnel and resources.

Increase Protection

Provide consistent, reproducible results and maintain records of actions and outcomes to defend claims or challenges.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Information Portals

Information portals provide an effective and efficient way to connect citizens and businesses with a broad range of information. They also provide an ideal medium for promoting transparency and governance, helping agencies present the merits of alternative proposals and explanations of actions taken.

We provide a comprehensive set of capabilities for developing online information services, including the ability to support advanced geospatial rendering and interaction. The platforms deployed by our customers often support multiple roles and functions by presenting targeted information, capabilities, and even interfaces to different groups of users, externally and within the organization.

Citizen Mobile Apps

Apps and mobile delivery are vital for any online service strategy, as are spatial capabilities. Our geo apps provide powerful extensions to customer services by providing an immediacy that goes beyond what can be achieved through traditional websites and forms. Governments have deployed our workflow-specific citizen apps to geo-locate calls to emergency services, alert local authorities of damaged infrastructure, and more. By harnessing location, geo apps can greatly enhance the user’s experience, making services faster, simpler, and richer. By increasing usage levels and generating more valuable data, they enable governments to obtain and act on useful information.

Self-Service Online Services

Interactive, process-driven services provide the ultimate in electronic service delivery, enabling the user to complete entire, often complex, end-to-end processes online. The richness of our online mapping capabilities make it ideally suited to developing online services, supporting rapid image streaming for performance, editing tools for high-quality data capture, support for mobile platforms, and process-driven workflows as well as advanced geo-processing and modelling delivered using the simplicity of OGC/ISO web services.

Our highly flexible and capable web-mapping tools support functional services as diverse as planning applications, vehicle permitting and routing, and registration of farm subsidies.

Pure Force & Rescue Corporation
Pure Force and Rescue Corp. uses computer-aided dispatch system and mobile app to minimize response times, manage incidents in real time, and support first responders.
Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune
Québec’s Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune uses geographical information system to modernize mining rights management and stimulate industry growth.
South Carolina DOT
South Carolina Department of Transportation deploys automated oversize/overweight routing solution, ensuring safer roads and increasing departmental efficiency.