Deliver authoritative data, optimize resources, enhance services, and make more informed decisions.

Alqueva dam and reservoir
EDIA Produces Vital Data to Optimize Water Resources and Economic Development
Concerned with the accuracy of its infrastructure data, EDIA formed a cartographic center and leveraged geospatial management software to collect, process, and transform raw geodata into vital information for water resource management and economic development.

Public services are greatly enhanced by broad, multi-purpose geospatial technologies and task-specific business systems and applications. We have pioneered both to support public sector challenges for more than four decades. Since our first GIS, implemented for a municipality in 1974, we have partnered with authorities at all levels to deliver capabilities that enhance vital government functions – from national mapping and national security to public works and public safety. Today, our experience and capabilities are used to deliver public sector solutions that streamline complex processes, deliver greater insight, accelerate information flows, and facilitate collaboration.


Drive Progress

Create and distribute richer and more current data as an enabler and catalyst for economic and social development.

Deliver Better Service

Improve efficiency, enhance infrastructure, and deliver more accessible and responsive services at lower cost.

Protect Society

Enhance collaboration, accelerate information flows, optimize situational awareness, engage the public, and facilitate coordinated planning and response.

Public Works
Plan, maintain, and enhance public infrastructure.
National Security & Resilience
Optimize collaboration, communication, planning, and response.
Land & Property
Coordinate, communicate, and adapt to rapidly changing events.
Agriculture & Forestry
Manage agricultural, forestry, and fisheries rights, policies, and activities.
Geodata Production & Delivery
Create, maintain, and publish geospatial data for specific tasks and end-to-end workflows.
Electronic Services
Meet the increasing expectations of online users and reduce costs.