HxGN NetWorks portfolio

Perform today. Transform tomorrow.

The HxGN NetWorks portfolio is a flexible and integration-ready geospatial asset management solution that provides a single source of accurate, up-to-date information and a full spectrum of tools for different users across the business. HxGN NetWorks is used by customers across the world to design, build, manage and maintain physical networks, including electric, gas, water, wastewater, multi-utility and fiber.

HxGN NetWorks intuitively responds to the needs of each phase in the asset management lifecycle, including:

  • Planning: Provide a robust model of proposed and as-built network and share that data with other tools to perform planning and analysis
  • Design: Leverage configurable business rules to ensure connectivity is maintained and QA/QC is performed during the design phase
  • Construction: Deliver digital designs to construction crews to track materials used and note as-built changes that differ from the designs
  • Operations: Provide accurate, up-to-date physical network models to operational systems to ensure resilient operations
  • Maintenance: Equip teams with the tools to perform network analysis and asset inspections


HxGN NetWorks solution suites