Public Safety Analytics & Crime Analytics

The HxGN OnCall Analytics suite provides police, fire, emergency medical services, and dispatch centers with intelligent data visualization and analytics tools for evidence-based reporting, analysis, and communications.

HxGN OnCall Analytics Suite

Turn knowledge into action. HxGN OnCall Analytics helps public safety agencies overcome the challenges of raw, fragmented, incomplete, or incorrect data by transforming it into valuable reports. With it, agencies can see their data in new ways to better assess performance, allocate resources, and improve operations.

Out of the box, HxGN OnCall Analytics offers your agency:

  • Clean, comprehensive, and business-ready data
  • Reduced analytics costs and delays
  • Pre-built and custom reports and dashboards
  • Spatial analysis and playback
  • Multi-source data warehouse
  • Easy customization and configuration
  • On-premises or cloud deployment

The easy-to-use data visualization and analytics software suite creates a single source of truth, empowering users agencywide to solve complex business problems and drive smarter decision-making.


Unlocks Valuable Data Assets

Transform complex data into actionable reports and dashboards your agency can explore, analyze, adapt, and share for better decision-making and analysis.

Empowers Public Safety Staff

Leverage interactive, business-ready content that enables more staff to run reports and conduct analysis, delivering greater insight and value.

Builds Trust Transparency

Share easy-to-understand reports and analyses to enhance public trust, dispel misconceptions, demonstrate compliance, and justify funding.


Police & Law Enforcement

Provides data-driven policing using real-time and historical data to monitor live events, align resources to demand, and deliver governance and oversight.

Fire & EMS

Provides fire and EMS with reporting and analysis tools to meet response time targets and inform budget, staffing, equipment, and station needs.

Dispatch Centers

Provides dispatch centers with call distribution insights and trends to optimize response times, reduce operator workloads, and better align resources to demand.

Déployer HxGN OnCall dans le cloud

Le service géré HxGN OnCall représente la prochaine génération de technologies de sécurité publique pour les agences de toutes tailles, même celles disposant de ressources et de moyens limités.

Transform Your Agency with Analytics

Learn how evidence-based insights can lead to decreased costs, improved efficiency, and greater public transparency in our e-book.