Planning, Sales & Marketing

Direct investment, reduce risk, and enhance service.

Highly mobile customers combined with rapidly changing technology and markets mean operators have to capitalize on infrastructure to drive competitive advantage. So, in addition to controlling cost and optimizing utilization of existing capacity, it is imperative that investments are carefully targeted and new build generates revenue as early as possible.

Our systems help transform planning, sales, and marketing by providing locational context to analysis, combining customer patterns and demand with existing network availability. We enable planners to target build to areas with greatest revenue potential, reduce risk when assessing new connections, and track construction projects to be able to offer connections for sale sooner.


"Simplifica y acelera los múltiples procesos administrativos que existen en torno a la investigación de mercado y el análisis de suministros, así como en la evaluación inicial y el diseño preliminar".
- Dr. Martin Fornefeld Director general, MICUS Strategieberatung GmbH