Intergraph G/Technology

Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.

A maintenance worker fixes power lines using G/Technology

Intergraph G/Technology enables operators to maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing their facility network and its connectivity and share with users and systems across their organization.

It delivers records that are more accurate, consistent, and current by applying intelligent, rules-driven tools that streamline and enhance the processes for designing and documenting the network. It is able to assess, manage, and track thestatus of projects, equipment, and connections and coordinate with other business systems to manage the full engineering life cycle.

G/Technology's development has been guided by our 40 years of experience gained in deploying GIS for communications and utility companies.


Deliver Better Data

Maintain better network records, providing the levels of accuracy, currency, consistency, and richness needed to support enterprise integration and coordination.

Enhance Integration

Leverage open data storage, interoperability standards, and interfaces for greater agility and maximum flexibility when accessing and using records and capabilities.

Streamline Workflows

Enhance efficiency and data quality while accelerating information flows using smart tools and close coordination with other business-critical systems.

G/Technology Products

Anglian Water

Anglian Water implementa un GIS de servicios p├║blicos para administrar mejor su infraestructura, modernizar su entorno de IT y centralizar sus activos y datos geoespaciales.

Stadtwerke Bayreuth

Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH utilizan el GIS para actualizar la gestión de datos de activos, mejorar la visualización de redes de servicios públicos y cumplir los requisitos de informes obligatorios

Virgin Media

Virgin Media uses a unified GIS-based inventory system to streamline its operations, modernize its network holdings, and expand its fiber-based services.