Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works

Enhance the complete life cycle of civil infrastructure and fiber network management.

Vibrant closeup of fiber optics

Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works is an advanced telecommunications GIS that provides location-based information and capabilities that enhance the complete life cycle of civil infrastructure and fiber network management – from design and construction through maintenance and operations. It supports geospatial infrastructure management needs throughout the enterprise, from back office to the field.

Fiber Optic Works maintains a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing the facility network and its connectivity that can be shared with users and systems across the business.

Its feature-rich interface helps plan, connect, and deploy fiber networks, supporting full tracing capabilities, fault analysis, and path redundancy. It is able to assess, manage, and track the status of projects, equipment, and connections and coordinate with other systems to model the full engineering life cycle.

The rich telecoms model is ready to use out-of-the-box, maintaining extensive attribution about each fiber device and conductor to track connectivity and supports OSS/NRM integration.


Optimize Resources & ROI

Optimize the utilization of existing capacity, inform build-out strategy, and offer connections for sale sooner.

Improve Integration

Utilize a fully functional integration with a network resource management system, integrating OSP and ISP data and processes.

Simplify System Deployment

Deploy an advanced, pre-configured telecoms data model for minimal implementation and future upgrade effort.


Intergraph G/Technology

Planificar, diseñar y documentar la red y aplicar la información.

EPB of Chattanooga

EPB implementa una solución de diseño de red de fibra óptica para construir una red inteligente, mejorar los tiempos de respuesta ante una interrupción y ofrecer servicios de comunicación basados en fibra.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media usa un sistema de inventario unificado basado en GIS para optimizar sus operaciones, modernizar sus activos de red y expandir sus servicios basados en fibra.

We are impressed by the capabilities and functionalities of the Fiber Optic Works environment. Using [Hexagon's] FOW, Retelit will improve the planning and deployment of the fiber optic network.

Vladimiro Rinaldi

Operations Director, Retelit S.p.A.