Hexagon introduces HxGN Connect, a SaaS workspace enabling seamless, citywide collaboration, planning and response

Stockholm, Sweden, 08 June 2021

Hexagon AB, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions, today announced the introduction of HxGN Connect, a SaaS workspace for citywide collaboration enabling government agencies and other diverse organisations to share data and coordinate action for ad-hoc, routine and emergency situations.

Hosted in Microsoft Azure, HxGN Connect provides a networked workspace and unified view of information within and between different entities. Participants can actively collaborate and securely share data as events unfold, overcoming the technical and political barriers that often result in missed opportunities, conflicting actions, errors and delays.

According to Gartner, “Smart city government CIOs urgently need to collaborate with all the stakeholders in the urban ecosystem, and—even more importantly—enable those stakeholders to collaborate with one another in an open, transparent, trusted manner” (Source: From Smart City to Intelligent Urban Ecosystem—Unlocking Data Value Is the Key to Cities’ Industrial Partnerships; Published: 29 October 2020).

With HxGN Connect, organisations can move beyond basic cooperation to true collaboration, where all participants gain mutual value. HxGN Connect is easily implemented and scaled—whether between multiple departments in a single agency or multiple organisations across entire cities and regions.

“The future of smart cities lies in connected data communities that enable users to work with people and information irrespective of organisational and geographical affiliations or technology limitations,” says Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “HxGN Connect reimagines collaboration, breaking down barriers and bridging gaps between vertical sectors, organisational types and operational functions, which means safer cities, more effective services and happier residents.”

HxGN Connect brings a city’s public safety, transportation, utilities and other related organisations together seamlessly. While users can visualise people, places and activities, send messages and assign tasks to each other, all participants retain full ownership and control of their own data (nothing is stored in a central repository). To learn more about this convenient, cloud-based subscription service that can be quickly implemented across your city, visit reimaginecollaboration.com.

Acerca de Hexagon

Hexagon es un líder mundial en soluciones de realidad digital, que combina sensores, software y soluciones autónomas. Ponemos los datos al servicio de la eficiencia, la productividad , la calidad y la seguridad de las aplicaciones industriales ,de fabricación , infraestructura, sector público y movilidad. Nuestras tecnologías están dando forma a los ecosistemas relacionados con la producción y las personas para que estén cada vez más conectados y sean más autónomos, garantizando un futuro escalable y sostenible.

La división de Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial mejora el rendimiento, la eficiencia y la resistencia de los servicios vitales. Sus soluciones de Seguridad e Infraestructura permiten ciudades inteligentes y seguras. Su software geoespacial aprovecha el poder de la inteligencia de localización.

Hexagon (Bolsa de valores de Estocolmo: HEXA B) cuenta con unos 21 000 empleados en 50 países y un volumen neto de ventas de unos 3800 millones de euros. Obtenga más información en hexagon.com y síganos en @HexagonAB.