German Police Agencies Use Incident Management for G7 Summit

To support the security and public safety requirements of the G7 summit, the Bavarian State Police and German Federal Police deployed a computer-aided dispatch and major event management solution to coordinate response efforts.

The Challenge

The Group of Seven (G7) summit in Elmau, Germany, was the biggest police operation ever in the state of Bavaria. Due to its international importance, the 41st summit of leaders of G7 nations was accompanied by a strong police presence.

To support the security and public safety requirements of the G7 summit, the Bavarian State Police and German Federal Police needed a solution that would effectively exchange incident information and coordinate response efforts between the two agencies. The solution needed to help the agencies protect attendees, the general population, and demonstrators from violent acts or attacks that might occur during the summit.

The Solution

The Bavarian State Police deployed Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s industry-leading Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system as the summit’s incident management solution.

Nine full application seats were installed in the special operations room and command and control access was provided to 1,000 additional users via the web. The I/CAD system also handled the emergency call function within the digital radio network, with incoming calls and data from police units forwarded to command staff for timely decision-making. To enhance its view of the summit’s operational area, the Bavarian State Police also used aerial photographs and geographic information of security zones and barriers.

During the summit, Bavarian State Police deployed a data interface with the German Federal Police, which gave both agencies the ability to share data and coordinate response, and German Federal Police deployed Intergraph Planning & Response, a strategic tool for disaster and major event management. The technical solutions leveraged at the G7 summit contributed to safe and successful multi-agency operation.

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