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The Connected Officer As our world becomes increasingly connected, mobile technologies are a lifeline for public safety agencies, especially law enforcement. Learn how keeping officers connected in the field can improve response time and increase situational awareness.
HxGN OnCall Records: Public Safety Records Management the Easy Way Gina Steadman, product manager for HxGN OnCall Records, details the benefits of this new records management solution and how it ensures agencies maintain control – even in rapidly changing situations.
Hexagon Heads to IACP 2018

The International Association of Chiefs of Police's annual conference and expo is right around the corner. In this post, Beth Harte highlights the in-booth presentations and public safety technology we will be showcasing at this year's event.

We Are Heading to Philadelphia for IACP 2017!

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) will celebrate its 124th annual Conference and Exposition October 21-24 in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Here’s a look at what we will be showcasing.

HxGN LIVE Video Vault: Bringing Computer-Aided Dispatch Innovation to Mid-Market Agencies

In this video from HxGN LIVE 2015, we talk to Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Director of Public Safety John Whitehead about bringing computer-aided dispatch and other technology innovations to mid-market agencies in the U.S.

Podcast: Safety in the Silicon Valley

In this episode of HxGN Radio podcast, I talk with Doug Kiner, project manager with the Mountain View Police Department about the technical hurdles they overcame to successfully share resources and data across agencies in California’s Silicon Valley.

Boston Police Use Records Management to Enhance Community and Officer Safety

In June, we announced the Boston Police Department's deployment of inPURSUIT records management systems, an enterprise information management solution designed to help law enforcement agencies manage police reports and analyze crime data. GCN’s Derek Major interviewed Boston Police Deputy Superintendent John Daley to understand how the new system will help the department be more efficient, enhancing community and officer safety.

Podcast: Law Enforcement Records Management in the Cloud

In this recent HxGN Radio podcast, Jamie Algatt, product manager and owner of inPURSUIT analytics and mobile apps, Intergraph SG&I, talks about law enforcement records management in the cloud. Enjoy!

Halton Regional Police Service Improves Efficiencies with Business Intelligence

To improve its operational efficiencies and decision-making capabilities, Halton Regional Police Services implemented a business intelligence solution, integrating agency-wide data sources, improving reporting, and informing agency policies.