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More Answers to Your Questions About the Cloud [Q&A with Microsoft]

What questions do you have about the cloud? In this blog post, we discuss common questions about cloud configurability and the different types of cloud technologies and solutions.

HxGN LOCAL Talk Series - Improving Data Quality for Urban Sewerage Systems

Managing urban sewerage is a big topic being addressed by wastewater and water conservation professionals in Switzerland. Recently, it was the focus of our first HxGN LOCAL Talk event. Here’s a look at the event's topics, discussions, and outcomes.

Hexagon Shows That the Future Is Flexible at DGI 2018

Hexagon exhibited and presented at DGI 2018, Europe’s largest annual event for defense organizations, government bodies, and intelligence agencies, in London this week. With a full three-day agenda, here's a look at the conference's presentations, topics, and networking discussions.

Convergence in the Cloud – Keynote Recap

In their HxGN LIVE 2017 keynote address, Kalyn Sims and Dan Retzer delve into how you can improve the quality of life of your citizens through the fusion of information and technologies in the cloud. Check out this recap and learn more about our enterprise information architecture approach to achieving safer cities globally.

Why U.K. Government Agencies Should Start Leveraging Geospatial Cloud Solutions

There is increasing demand for cloud-based solutions across government agencies, private industries, and consumer IT markets in the U.K. And while many of these organizations are adopting a cloud-first strategy when implementing new systems or replacement old ones, deployment of cloud-based solutions could be better. Discover why U.K. government agencies should start using geospatial cloud solutions.

City of Edmonton Takes Top Spot on Canada’s Open Cities Index

For the second year in a row, the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, has taken the Open Cities Index's top spot. Learn more about how our customer is using open data standards to encourage the development of transparent and accountable government.

Germany's Kassel Fire Brigade Successfully Manages the Refugee Crisis

As the Syrian Civil War enters its fifth year and the European Union continues to grapple with the refugee crisis, Germany’s Kassel Fire Brigade has taken a leading role among fire brigades in the federal state of Hesse in managing and responding to the 1.2 million refugees in Germany. Discover how the brigade is managing the daily challenges and getting Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghani refugees back on their feet again.

Becoming More Resilient to Emergency Events

In this post, we highlight lessons learn from a panel discussion between officials with the City of Toronto and the city’s utility provider, Toronto Hydro. The panel was part of the Conference Board of Canada’s recent Resilience Conference. On May 17, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will be guest hosting a webcast with the Conference Board of Canada that talks about the importance of planning and training in emergency management, as well as solutions that allow organizations, governments, and companies to better prepare for and respond to emergencies.

What Motivates Our Customers Emergency Management Planning

During an emergency event, things happen fast and decisions need to be made quickly with a timely response to all parties involved. Ensuring decisions are made quickly and effectively communicated involves a lot of planning and collaboration between decision makers. So how do organizations prioritize their emergency planning needs? Here are our customers' biggest concerns when managing an emergency event.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Maintains Web Geoportal for the Rhine County of Neuss, Germany

The Rhine County of Neuss, Germany offers deeper insights through their new and free web service. Previously used mainly for government and policy planning, a newly deployed online geospatial portal offers fast and easy public access to geospatial data. The geospatial portal is based on software solutions developed by Hexagon and is comprehensively maintained by Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in Germany.