South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency Improves Incident Response with Computer-Aided Dispatch

Needing to better coordinate response among multiple fire and rescue agencies, South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency deployed Hexagon's industry-leading CAD to dispatch and share information with multiple response organizations.

South Tyrol Improves Incident Response with Computer-Aided Dispatch

The Challenge

Bolzano - South Tyrol is an autonomous province in northern Italy surrounded by the Alps. Every year, it hosts millions of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. With rising numbers accidents and emergencies, calls for service have also increased.

The province’s Civil Protection Agency and fire and rescue services needed to coordinate response among various fire and rescue services to improve public safety. The White Cross Association also needed to dispatch ambulance services, while seamlessly sharing incident data with the Civil Protection Agency.

The Solution

A long-time partner of Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division, South Tyrol greatly benefits from Hexagon's industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) software. The Regional Emergency Call Center uses the incident management software to centrally dispatch multiple response organizations from the control center in Bolzano, including the Professional Fire Brigade and 306 voluntary brigades.

The nearby White Cross Rescue Association also leverages the Hexagon CAD to dispatch White Cross and Red Cross ambulances and share data with the Civil Protection Agency. Hexagon’s modern, reliable incident management system helps ensure the safety of South Tyrolean citizens and millions of visitors each year.

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With CAD, the South Tyrolean rescue forces and the fire brigades can put the complex nationwide alarm plans into action.
- Markus Rauch Deputy Director of the Department of Civil Protection South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency