Intergraph NetWorks Webinar Series Recap

Utility worker accessing Intergraph G/Technology on a tablet

Intergraph NetWorks makes it simpler and easier to support your entire enterprise. With it, your users are provided secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data and capabilities across the enterprise. Users are connected to the Intergraph G/Technology network model, making it available and usable whenever and wherever needed.

Recently, we wrapped up our webinar series discussing and exploring many aspects of Intergraph NetWorks. There’s no better time to watch our webinars series and discover how Intergraph NetWorks’ advanced capabilities can get everyone in your organization on the same page. 

Webinar 1 – Intergraph NetWorks: Unlock Real Value with Accessible GIS Data Anytime, Anywhere
In the field, accessing and visualizing network data should be easy. And so, should updating and adding information when needs and tasks change. Intergraph NetWorks provides exactly that – a tool to be used anytime, anywhere, and on any device even without training. With everything from simple tracing to intelligent details, Intergraph NetWorks provides greater flexibility and options for how your network and operational data is being used, accessed, updated, and shared – right out of the box.


Webinar 2 – How Intergraph NetWorks Can Adapt to Your Current Workflows to Address Daily Utility Challenges
For a deeper dive, this webinar discusses advancements that better serve the workflow needs of utility and communications providers. It looks at the toolbox of services and explores what Intergraph NetWorks can do for you and your organization. Learn about the foundation of this solution and how web services expose existing functions to other systems and users within the network.


Webinar 3 – Progressive Web Apps Powered by Intergraph NetWorks
Unlike native apps, web apps don’t come with frustrations like memory space, manual updates, and insufficient data availability. Intergraph Networks comes with web apps that combine all the great features of mobile apps with the flexibility and depth of a website. Watch our latest webinar in this series to explore the five reasons progressive web apps are the future, and how these apps align with Intergraph NetWorks capabilities and value.


Be sure to look for more updates on Intergraph NetWorks as we continue to create an even better solution that changes with your needs.

Kelsey Ryon
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Kelsey Ryon is a senior marketing specialist for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Utilities, Communications, and Transportation business unit in the U.S. Ryon has more than eight years of experience in the utilities industry including energy, water, transmission, and distribution - gaining valuable insights into the global businesses. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Athens State University.